Reel to reel , is it real the hype!

I am thinking of venturing into the realm of reel to reel.
I have access to purchase an otari mtr10, with enhanced 1/2 “ head block, refurbished and recapped for 9k.
my system is in brief is ayre kxr and mxr twenties playing through magico M3 with Jl audio Gotham subs. Front end digital is souped up wolf streamer pure digital capable of playing 512 and 1024 dsd files , t+a sd 3100hv dac( capable of playing 1024 dsd native . Front end analogue is sme 30/2 with Lyra Etna lamda sl catridge playing through vandenhul grail Se+ phono stage.( please see my system page for details )
my question is will the otari give me better performance than my digital and vinyl front end . Thank you in advance .
I have Revox A77 NOS purchased perhaps twenty years ago. Rarely used when first purchased, been sitting in closet many years. Recently been getting the itch to reinstate. This thing still has the original display tags, wood cabinet as new, can't believe I lucked into this rare piece.

Lack of source material is reason machine never made it into regular service in my rigs.
As an option to R to R you might want to try what I just did, I put my money into the DS Audio Grand Master optical cartridge and it’s a revelation playing vinyl.

The Otari MTRs sound great, even with stock electronics - excellent transport as well. I have a 1/4 inch MTR12 and it’s a great deck.

If you really decide to get into R2R and "master tapes", I would advise that you buy TWO machines, the appropriate monitoring equipment and calibration tapes.

Every studio produced tape would have had line up tones at the head. To get the very best out of each tape, you have to learn how to adjust the playback (repro) to give you the correct level and a flat freq response. Learning how to calibrate both the repro and record side is crucial to getting the best out of a fabulous medium.

I have 5 R2Rs - a half inch Studer A820 and 4 x 1/4 inch machines - Otari MTR12, 2 x Sony APR 5000 series and a Studer A807/II.

I also have about 100 x 15 IPS 1/4 inch production masters (incl Beatles, Floyd, Doors, Peter Gabriel, Miles Davis, Nina Simone etc). I would not dream of playing these regularly through my machines - they are far too valuable and irreplaceable.

Hence, upon purchase I copy each master onto a) new RTM 1/4 inch tape stock at 15 IPS with Dolby SR and b) onto 192/24 high res with a Prism Sound A2D interface. I can then play the duplicated tape as much as I like. The original gets safely stored. It takes me an evening to do a single tape.

Without a shadow of a doubt, high speed R2R from a high quality recording is stunning. You need deep pockets and the willingness to learn. It’s a lot more hassle and far more expensive than digital.

Recording studios went to digital, as it’s far cheaper to make the music in the long run. A 2 inch 762m tape for recording the multitrack session (approx 16 mins at 30 IPS) costs about £350 or USD 500. 1/2 inch tape for the 30 IPS stereo mix down is about £180 or USD 250. That’s a cost, which up and coming artists can’t afford to pay.
Got the otari 10 today , 1/2 inch 2 track with flux magnetic extended performance heads .
I hear immediately more power and presence in the presentation… played doors la woman and it was very good.
will update more incl pictures once I get to collect and listen to more music .
Already  hearing about scammers in the industry who sell reels made from digital sources and charge an arm and a leg . Finding authentic sources sounds like a challenge 
level match against the excellent system you already have, gain is always addictive!
have fun.
enjoy !