Recording vinyl into itunes- Best Method?

I looked at past posts regarding this topic but they didn't fit my situation. I'm looking for the best way to import my vinyl collection into itunes; preferably using the turntable I have now. I tried a xitel 'inport' and Griffin Technologies 'iMic' but both had noise/hum issues. I've considered buying one of usb turntables but not sure that would provide the best fidelity for transfer. My preference would be to find a usb type phono preamp that is extremely quiet and that has some sort of software that is easy to work with that can get the music to itunes without multiple steps of converting and that has album art and album/track listings. Absent the phone preamp, any recommendations on a decent usb turntable and software?
Apogee duet.Tape out to apogee to mac. I use cd spin doctor to record. Audacity will work also . Furutech has a new usb device that does the analog to digital as well. Recently well reviewed.
I use tape out from my pre-amp into a Mac Mini with an rca to mini adapter cord. I have used Audacity but I prefer CD Spin Dr. which comes with Toast and Jam by Roxio. Both recording programs are good and there are many more that may be better.

Before getting the full function pre-amp I ripped to the mac thru the audio outputs on my line level pre. It was a pain disconnecting and re-connecting everything but it worked fine.

Beware, upgrading cartridges and other related equipment may cause re-ripping syndrome.

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Could you give some details about how you are hooking things up? It sounds like you are trying to hook the tonearm wire directly to the input of the Xitel or iMic, which wouldn't work as you need a preamp with a phono section for gain and RIAA equalization.

NAD and Pro-ject make boxes with USB ports that combine phono preamp and ADC (Analog to Digital Converter). However, with the equipment you have, you only need a pre-amp or receiver with a phono section.
With the Xitel, I was hooking up the output of the turntable into the Xitel and then via usb into my iMac. If I go with a usb turntable (currently looking at the Project III usb turntable) I would hook up directly to the computer. My audio system and computers are in different rooms so it is not convenient to bring them both together, absent just moving the turntable itself near my computer. But then I would need a usb phone preamp then to send the signal from my TT to my iMac.
Did you want to upgrade the turntable anyway? I gather you're not happy with the one you have.

There are many outboard phono pre-amps on the market, some with USB. You don't *need* the USB as you already have the equipment to connect to the analog outputs of a phono pre-amp.
Actually, I am quite happy with the turntable I have and have to connect to my iMac via usb to import to it. I am now looking at preamps with usb outputs like the Art V2.
This is a great way on the Mac,

Vinyl studio (software)

M-Audio 610 FireWire 192


This is easy and the quality is the great..