Recommendations of CD player for my system

Basically trying to beat it around the bush, skip the ongoing process of trying numerous cd players. Maybe by listing what I own so far, you could throw me some suggestions. Mind you, I'm happy with the way it sounds now, but we all know, it's an unfinish quest......
Systems as follows:
Pre-Amp: Myryad MDP500 Powe Amp: Bryston 9BST
CD Player: REGA PLANET( orig.) DVD: Pioneer DV-05
Speakers: Magnepan 1.6. I was thinking of getting, Meridian 506-20, or 506-24, for they come up on Audiogon at an affordable price. Is the REGA sufficient for what I have, or by getting, "higher end" player be an over kill for this set up.
Any comments would be greately apreciated.
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Keep the Rega and get a new SACD player, maybe a moded one from
Ivanj, thank you for taking the time to answer me. I've looked up that website that you suggested. They primarily showed, Sony products. Is that what you recommend. Also, I mostly listen to jazz, and most of the cd's that I get, are usually from the 30's, 40's and 50's......
toudou, i would reccomend staying with what you got. to sound their best, all those 30's, 40's, and 50's recordings need a player with a warmer, analog type sound. the rega already provides that for you. a more revealing cd player like the meridian's your considering will expose every flaw in those older recordings. i have some of those older jazz recordings myself and though i enjoy them immensely, they can not compare to the cleaner, higher resolving recordings of today. sometimes the best change is NOT to make one.
What price range are you shopping in?
I have owned both the Meridian 506.24 and the Planet at the same time, and the Meridian is by far better. I don't think it would be overkill at all, in fact if you can afford it the 508.24 is significantly better than the 506.24. I have a friend who has a Maggie 1.6 and Bryston 4 setup and it sounds fantastic. Make sure you've got the 1.6s setup right, as that can make all the diffrence in the world in your system.
Had you thought about adding a DAC?There has been some discussion concerning the Timbre TT-1 {645 or so}.Its' sonic character will be along the same line as the Planet.You will gain in soundstaging and detailing.Use caution when deciding upon a digital IC.
I would keep your CDP and dump the Myryad for a bigger improvement in sound for the $$$.
Socrates has a good point. Be careful of the used (Meridians) - word has it that they are not quite as reliable as one would want - you might be buying someone else's headaches. The stock SONY players sound good, and the mods I pointed out are sensible and not stratospheric money-wise.
Thank you very much, for all your responses. I'll have to ponder now, and come up with, i guess, as to which cd player I should go for, or stay with what I have. I've had some considerable positive feedbacks, as far as keeping the Rega in my system, due to the fact that I tend to listen to lot of those older jazz recordings. Now refering to Socrates, and Ivanj comments about dumping the Myryad comes as a complete surprise to me. I was very hesitant at first before buying the myryad MDP-500. I did some research on it and read numerous reviews, and they were all favorable.
My first choice was the Bryston SP1.5 or 1.7, but the price was too high. Maybe you guys can suggest something.
thank you.
Toudou, my friend with near the same setup to mine has the Myryad and a newer EAD side-by-side for a shootout, to both of use the EAD was the superior preamp, which shocked us to as we'be both seen the reviews for the Myryad as favorable. We only a-b tested with redbook, SACD and DVDA, but the Myryad wash bright and flat next to the EAD and it seemed to struggle with dynamics, while the EAD was effortless in its presentation and simply much easier to listen to. Professional reviewers did note that the 2ch performance of the Myryad wasn't so hot as well, fwiw. Movies may be a different story, but I'm not a videophile and couldn't judge its performance there, which may be worth the praise on that end. The Myryad build quality was lacking too, not that its very important, but next to the EAD it looked cheap. If you're happy with the sound stick with it, your associated gear may balance out, but if you find the system lacking it may be worth the effort to try a different pre/pro.
Thank you for being up to date with my, what it seems never ending questions. It's funny you should mention EAD, for they were one of my first choices. I wanted to get one of their multi channel power amp, preferrably the 200 series, but none were available on Audiogon at the time, and of course my choice ran to the Bryston 9B ST, wchich ended up to be a very good choice. Being that the Bryston's pre being so expensive, it seems a distant dream. Ead's are up there in price, but don't seem to keep their resale value like the Bryston. Which on of the EAD do you own.
Here is something new to consider. The Jolida 100. the Planet sounds like a vitrola next to the JD 100, and it only costs $900 new. It's tubed outstage will augment your electrostats beautifully. I use one for my Apogees and Pass equipment. I wouldn't think of changing until the new media shakes out.