Recommendations for modern integrated with tone & balance controls other than Mcintosh

The "purist" approach is no longer viable for me due to recent hearing loss, and I'd also like to simplify my tube separates which consist of preamp, power supply, and pair of mono amps.
 Budget up to 10K. But, of course,  I also could just go with a Schiit Loki for $149 bux and keep feeding my tube gear. :) Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



Thank you sir.  I wish you success in navigating the world of finance.

The more I use the Lux 550AXii the fonder I grow.  I'm a visual and tactile person as well as as a "keen listener,"  and the Luxman delivers for me at every level.  What a pleasure it is to select either an LP or something via streamer, sit back, and simply enjoy the music. 




My suggestion is a Luxman 509.  I compared it to a Boulder 866, Esoteric F1, Gryphon Diablo 300, Krell 300i, Accuphase 380, McIntosh MA12000.  To my ears it was the best sounding of all the above integrateds.   Find one and demo it. 


Thank you for your comments. I purchased a LUX 550 AXii and am completely happy.

It’s one heckuva component and works beautifully when paired with either my Guarneri Homage or highly-modified Magneplanar MMG’s. I’ve never heard such excellent mid and high bass response from the small Maggies as I now do.

I have a pair of REL T5X waiting to be unboxed but for now, I’m just gonna listen to the system as is, with no bass augmentation. I’m quite astonished. I feel as if I’ve moved beyond "hi-fi" into simply listening to great music and not thinking about the usual audiophile stuff. And to think, I have all this with moderately priced components.  At least "moderately" priced for many audiophiles.

It is liberating, to say the least. :)


Thank you very much.  I should mention that two of the things I find so appealing about the Luxman, in addition to SQ,  are the excellent build quality and retro aesthetics.  The on-unit controls as well as the remote control are pure pleasure to operate.  Perhaps some might say that I've developed an integrated amp fetish. :)