Recommendations for a variable out c/d player....

I am looking for a variable out c/d or universal player in the 4k-6k range. the reason for variable out is so that i can bypass the preamp. i had a EAD DVDMaster 8800 Pro which had this option and since i've sold it, i've had a hard time coming up with a replacement. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Wadia 861 or Audio Aero Capitol 2
Resolution Audio Opus 21 at $3500.
I've never heard any of the $4000+ players, but I have owned several of the more moderately priced players tha have remote volume control. Of the ones I've owned, I really like the Resolution Audio Opus 21 ($3500 new, $2500+ used) or the much less expensive Quad 99 CD-P ($1500 new, $800+used).

I think the RA Opus 21 is fantastic and it comes with a 30 day trial direct from RA (with a restock fee, I think). I also think the Quad 99 CD-P is a great value and is much better than the price would reflect.

I'm very frugal and have sold all of my expensive audio gear, but I only paid $800 used for the Quad and it's staying!!! I do miss the Opus 21, but I was having trouble justifying the money I had tied up in it. Yes, it was worth it, but I'm building a new house and the money was better spent elsewhere.


You may want to check the Linn Genki. It has two set of variable so that you can do a bi-amp system. It also has two set of fixed outputs is you want to add a preamp.
The Shanling 200 in modified form.
Another vote for the Opus 21!

Really a great sounding cdp, that is almost (but not quite) analog sounding.

Good Luck in your search!
Muse 10 or 11 with analogue attenuator module. Balanced or single-ended. About $4400 for the Model 10, which is CD/DVD. The 11 is universal.