Recommendation on cable to use with Talon Khorus?

I have a few in my list, but not sure which one is a better fit:
Audioquest sterling,
Transparent Audio Music Wave Super or ultra
MIT-MH750 or 770.
Stealth UR
Nordost SPM

Anyone has an idea?
I have a Mark levinson 333 and Pass x350, also MBL 5011.
Using MBL for my Talon speaker now.

I have the Khorus X myself. I have used from Valhalla, Cardas, Synergistic, Acoustic Zen, ect... but the best speaker cables for the Khorus X is the Supra Sword. These are not so well known but they are amazing for the $$.
I don't know what is is about this cable but it matches extremely well with your speakers. You can find a dealer for those cables on Audiogon. You will love this combo.
Take a look at Zu Cable. Good price, Great guys to deal with, and a money back trial period. I am currently using Zu cables on the Khorus X and like them as much as, or more than cables several times their price.

Good luck.
I am currently using Omega Mikro and like it very much on the Talon Khorus X speakers. I have tried a number of cables before deciding on the Omega Mikro and have not even considered changing.

A friend of mine uses Talon's own Ghost cables on his Khorus X and loves them.
I've listened to a bunch of cables on my Khoruses over the last couple years (but none on your list) including: HT Pro-9+, Analysis Plus Silver Ref, Talon (Kimber) Ghost, Acoustic Zen Satori, Wireworld Silver Eclipse III, Magnan and Mapleshade.

My initial favorite was the Ghost (with the Satori close behind) until I heard the Wireworld. It provided better bass control and more dimensionality and purity in the mids, while opening up the highs.

I used to own Transparent Ultras (with other speakers) and suspect (just a guess) that they wouldn't as match well, esp in the highs. I've considered but not heard the Nordost (used their Quattros though) and suspect they would match well.

Enjoy your search.