Talon Roc 2002 vs Roc 12 - worth upgrading?

I have a Roc 2002 and heard the Roc 12 at HE 2003. The Roc 12 sounded impressive and Talon advises that it's a significant upgrade but it's obviously difficult to compare when the Roc 2002 wasn't in the same system. Has anyone compared these two subs and have an opinion on whether upgrading may be worth the considerable cost? There does not appear to be much written about the Roc 12 but the few snippets I've found all rave.
Do it and don't look back.I reviewed the 2002 for Ultimate Audio mag and found it very impressive. But the Rock 12 is a beast. My editor has it in his system and man, does it ever sound great. I will be reviewing the new thunderbird sub (10K) for Stereotimes. I am finnishing the review of the firebird-one of the best speakers on the planet.
Disclaimer: I am a Talon dealer.

Absolutely! As good as the Roc 2002 is, the Roc 12 provides even faster transient response and provides at least 15% more output capability (SPL).

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