Recommendation for multi-ch pre/pro

I am a buy-and-keep-forever person. E.g., about a dozen years ago I bought Vandersteen 2B speakers, Adcom amp, NAD CD player and used them to date. Happy with that gear and the joy it brought to me every day.

About two weeks ago I began activity around HT. So I auditioned and bought the Snell XA 1900C LRC speakers (my Vandersteens will suffice for rear when I get around to that). I also bought the EAD PowerMaster 1000 5-channel amp. Both speakers and amp are used; I got good value for them and expect they will last me a dozen+ years.

DVD player is a Marantz.

Am in the market for a pre/pro. What would your recommendation be for the pre/pro to go with the {Snell, EAD PowerMaster, Marantz)?

For context:

What I buy I'd like to keep for a decade at least. My needs aren't that dynamic nor do I need to "keep up with the Jones".

Am looking at the Krell HTS -- this is the HTS 1.0, folks; I understand it will need an upgrade to last me even a year, Classe SSP-30, EAD TheaterMaster OvationPlus (or TheaterMaster 8000).

Only used model considered -- I simply find them better value than new units.

Quality (build, sound, etc.) are way more important for me than features. E.g., Cathedral, Stadium, etc. surround sound features are of least interest to me.

Assume usage is stereo music 60%+ of the time and HT 40%-, with weekend movies being the prime HT use.

All ears and eyes now, waiting for your recommendations folks!
Anthem AVM2 or AVM20. I've owned both and they have a very tube like presentation. I use mine primary for 2 channel music with an Aragon 8008BB and B&W 805n signitures.
I would consider the EAD TheaterMaster-8. It sounds nice in stereo and does multichannel/hometheater also. Has pass-thru if you decide to do SACD and has bass management. The one thing it does not do is A/V mixing.
I had the Krell HTS and now have the HTS 7.1. To me, the original HTS sounds very similar to the Showcase. Side-by-side I had hard time telling them apart. I originally thought I would get the Showcase, but felt it wasn't an upgrade. The HTS 7.1 is a definite improvement for 2 channel listening. The only downside of the original is it doesn't have DP II which I think is nice improvement.

I also had an EAD processor. Great sound and build quality, but poor ergonomics. I believe with the new remotes it should be better. While I really like my Krell, I think the EAD is a great, musical processor.

I am not familar with your speakers or source. If they have a tendency to be bright or if you have an unforgiven room, I would go with the EAD over the Krell. The EAD is more forgiving to my ears. If you want a really dynamic setup I would favor the Krell.

I also recently tried the Classe SSP30. I thought it was nice set-up, but I prefered the sound and dynamics of the Krell HTS 7.1. Overall, I think you would be happy with either the Krell or EAD (especially if the EAD is easier to use now).
A Primare P30 pre/pro. An excellent pre/pro from a little known Swedish company with a music first approach.

Includes 100% true analog processing in by-pass mode.

No bells, no whistles.

You might also want to consider the Rotel RSP-1066. It may not quite compare to the Krell Showcase, but for the price, it is commendable. I recently picked one up, and I am very happy with it both as a stereo pre and for HT.

Rotel 1066. Mine works great. Few $.
I love my Anthem AVM-2. The software is even upgradeable. The bummer is that the hardware is not upgradeable. So, I sacrificed having pro-logic II to have amazing stereo sound and great multi-room capabilities. It is also quite easy to use/set-up.
Bryston SP 1.7 great pre/pro with 2 channel analog bypass and as long as you are going to keep it that long it comes with a 20 yr. warranty.
I have an EAD Theatermaster 8000 pro. Spectacular sound and build quality. You can't go wrong with one of these.
If you want to keep it forever, you gotta have a McIntosh MX132/MX134. Quality is the best I have seen and has every feature you could want. If you like Vandersteen, you will like McIntosh too. Arthur
I have the EAD powermaster1000 and TheatervisionP. I wish I had an EAD pre-pro. My B+K ref. 30 is doing just fine for now. But if that bonus is big enough...........

You can find it around $1300. If rear channel is not very important to you, Sound Stage is great deal, balanced output for all 5 channels.