Bifrost multibit vs gungnir multibit

Please redirect me if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I haven’t found it if it’s so. Has anyone experience or knowledge of the advantages of the Schiit Gungnir multibit over the Bifrost multibit other than the propriety clock in the Gungnir?  A friend lent me his Modi multibit, and I became interested in possibly getting one of the Schiit DACs. The Yiggy is beyond what I want to spend, besides the reviews I’ve read here indicating that the Gungnir is a bit mellower sounding, which is more to my preference. Here’s the rig for background:
Yamaha CD-s2100 Sacd player 
Sonic Frontiers Line-1 preamp
Parasound JC-1 monos
Triangle Volante 260 speakers
B&W ASW650 subwoofer

i also have an Arcam rDac that I’ve read on threads here may have a “multibit-like” sound, and I’m doing comparisons this evening with the Sabre DAC in the Yamaha. So far the Sabre is winning, but I didn’t compare the rDac with the Modi when I had it.  I hadn’t known at the time about the possible similarities between the two DACs. 
Any info opinions and or experiences welcome, thanks in advance,


A late response, but I'll bite...
I owned both the Bifrost Multibit and the Gungnir (non Multibit).
As to be expected, the Gungnir was a step up in sound quality.
Though Schiit refuses to discuss the merits of their products, I have to say that as you move up the line, you do get a higher resolution and more detailed sound quality.
In fact, I am in line to get the Gungy upgraded to multibit and have the USB upgrade, too.
thanks for the response, Bob. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about the upgrade when you get it. I’m already leaning heavily toward the Gungnir multibit, but have also thought I should check out some other options. The main reasons I am considering Schitt is because of the affordability of their multibit stuff compared to other multibit dacs, and the audition of the modi. When I get tired of shopping, I predict I’ll settle on the Gungnir multibit. I guess I just have to go through the motions when spending more than  couple hundred!


I bought the Gungnir multibit, and listening right now. I have to say, as it’s going right now, somewhat major improvement to my ears ( I try to stay away from hyperbole, so what I’m feeling right now may be the first rush). As I bought it used, I’m working on the assumption that it’s broken in, whatever that may mean. So far, in comparison to the ESS dac in my Yamaha Cd s2100:
more natural sounding, instruments sound more real and life-like.  Dynamics improved, seems like everything has more impact. More detail, cymbals sound more like the real thing than I’ve ever experienced before in my system (drummer, I know the sound). Horns have more bite. The highest highs sound approximately the same as the ESS, but it seems there still less digital edge. I’m gonna keep listening. Let’s see if a few Sazeracs improve things even further. 
I am using the Gungnir (non-multibit) while my Ayre Codex is repaired.
It is close, but lacking the finesse of the Codex.
I would suspect that upgrading to multibit would bring it pretty close, if not to the Ayre Codex level.
Also, keep in mind that DAC's need to be left on in order for them to sound the best. I suspect your Gungy will keep improving with time.
Thanks Bob, yes, leaving the Gungnir on 24/7, but it’s only been a day so far. I do like it a lot, but I haven’t heard the Ayre so I don’t have means for comparison. Unfortunately, the one store in Chicagoland that I knew was an Ayre dealer recently closed its doors, so I’m hoping to hear more comparisons at Axpona this year. Very sorry to see Audio Consultants go. Hope the Codex gets well, 

I know this thread is old but I'm presently considering these two DACs.  (I've got the DAC bug.  I just bought the Ayre Codex and now I want to compare it to one of these). 

I'm very sensitive to highs and just returned a Topping D70 because it was just a bit too "clinical?" to me.  

Appreciate any thoughts on the differences between these two.  
Good choice on the Codex.
It performs well above it's price.
To compare it with a similar priced unit, I would suggest a Schiit Yggy.

But, to be honest, the folks at Ayre just offered the QB-9 with Twenty upgrade. They feel it is a significant upgrade over the Codex.
I found a used QB-9 and had it upgraded ($1500). I still have to put into the system, so I can't claim it sounds better, but knowing Ayre, it will.

Another factor in sound reproduction are cables.
What are you currently using?


Did you ever compare the Ayre Codex to any of the Schiit dacs?  What were the results?