Recommend ss amps to bi-amp Mark-Daniel Maximus

I am looking for 2 identical ss amps, 100 -200 WPC, each, to bi-amp inefficient, 85 db, 4ohm, dipping to low 2s impedance, for $2K the pair, used.
I have successfully used 2 Moscode 401 HR Hybrids, but as great as it sounded, close to 10K worth of hardware to drive $3K speakers is crazily out of proportion, so I sold one amp. But the M-D really need ss power, are far better bi-amped, so I will sell the remaining Moscode if I can find a suitable pair of ss amps. Suggestions welcome.
I would buy a closeout NHT Power 2 for $495 or so...or a used ATI 1502.
what about TAD Hibachi 125?
I would rather stay away from Digital amps. Aragon? Consonance ss?
The US distributor for Mark-Daniels has a new showroom in Tucson. All they use there is Digital amps. And its a shame. You can't listen more then a few minutes then you want to run.
Odyssey Stratos SE <$2K
BAT VK 200 +/- $2K
BAT VK 500 >$2K puts you over the $2K mark but worth it.

None of the above have a harsh or brittle bone in them. Very nice, but mo' $$ do improve on things around here.
>>All they use is Digital amps<< Indeed, a crying shame. I've tried them. And I agree 100% with Goingbroke. Maybe M-D will spring for an alternative amp if they want their wares to show their true potential.