Just heard DynAudio S 1.4.. imagus maximus

I've been looking for some monitors for a few months with the depth & imaging of proacs with a little more body. I heard the 1.3 SE first and thought ... these aren't bad.. then the 1.4s wow... full body great imaging with only a few hours on them. My local dealer thinks these will get much better after 200 hrs or so if these are like every other dynAudio they have had. After they are a little more broken in I'm going to do a home audition. If anyone is looking for this type of speaker they are worth a listen...
I haven't heard the 1.4's, but have heard the Special 25's. Without question, if imaging is high on your list of attributes of importance, these are speakers to have your short list. Unbelievable.

I found something a bit odd with the Special 25's. I'm sitting straight-on to them, vocalist dead center between the speakers. Most speakers, I turn my head and the impression is that the vocalist stays in place, and I hear them at an angle. With the Special 25's, I turned my head and the vocalist stayed "in front" of me. It was a weird sensation. It's not that way with the other Dynaudio speakers, including monitors, that I've tried.
2800... 700 less than the 1.3SE... what a bargain..ouch

In my review of the Dynaudio S3.4's I thought that the new Esotec in the 1.4 would better the 1.3SE.

here's the write-up if you are interested: