Receiver or Preamp

...with bass management for multichannel analog inputs: has anyone produced one, new or used?
My answer seems uncomfortably obvious to me and I might not be understanding your requirements. There are many A/V receivers and pre/pros equipped with single ended and balanced inputs, the latest codecs with room correction, simply pick a price point.
I want to upgrade from a B&K AVR202 because it cannot play DTS-HD MA blu-rays via digital coax, and it lacks 5.1 analog inputs. However, I am more concerned with sound quality, so I am unclear how to upgrade to get equivalent audio. I am considering separates, but I am unsure what used preamps are the equal of what I currently have. The obvious solution is to simply buy a newer B&K model, but I believe they all lack analog bass management. Any ideas?
Why can't you use the bass management in the source (ie., Blue Ray player)? Then any pre-with 5.1 inputs will do. Or just upgrade to the newer stuff and go via HDMI for audio. The better NAD stuff sounds great.
Active Speaker,

If you really like the sound quality of B&K receivers, the AVR305,307,505, and 507 will all do what you need.

Just let your BD player handle the bass management. With my NAD T773(non-HDMI), I have to do just that and the results are incredible. Only drawback(if you can call it that)is that I must jack up the volume in my subwoofer about 12dB's to match the output of my speakers.

I have an Oppo BDP-83; does anyone have and use this player to manage the bass via analog inputs?

Any other processors to consider along with NAD and B&K that are worth considering for audio quality?
athems have bass management using analog inputs. If you dont care about HDMI, its a sweet prepro.
I'll second the Anthem option its analog inputs and bass mgnt, are great with the new codecs gut wrenching at times!
HDMI resolves many issues not to mention the cost, clutter and any sonic influence that comes with analog cabling. Modern components using HDMI can calibrate the entire system more accurately than simply choosing a crossover point for the sub.

I was amazed by the ease and improvement modern room correction/calibration had on my awkward HT space. Another point I'm sold on is the 7.1 matrixing of 5.1 media.. 7.1 can make even small spaces sound large with a very entertaining surround experience. If the B&K sound speaks to you already then stick with it unless your able to audition other brands to make a more informed choice. Happy shopping.