Really need Amp advice.

I have a pair of BW 804 speakers and am running them off of an Onkyo Integra DTR 6.3--the reciever clobbers female vocals--almost too painful to listen to. I'm looking for a good pre-amp/amp combination to squeeze the maximum performance from the speakers in the most economical way ($2000). Ultimately, I'd like to have a HT capability, but critical listening will be 75% of the system's use. My question is: should I just scrap the Integra and pursue a separate pre-amp & amp(considering Parasound) or should I keep the Integra to use as a pre-amp/HT unit (considering Parasound HCA 1205, and bi-amping 4 of it's five channels)? I am getting buried in technical data and can't see the forrest--any help appreciated. Thanks!
For about $1000 you can get a brand new Odyssey Stratos which is 150 watts per side. For $500 dollars you can get a brand new FT Audio passive preamp. You can use this for two channel music and your Onkyo for movies. Your Onkyo must have preamp out for this to work.
What is your source? Any possibility that some of your problems stem from it? In my experience, it all starts there.
With 75% of your listening being critical listening, I would recommend you start the 2 channel building process by purchasing a dedicated 2 channel amp (I assume the Integra allows for external amp use). Once you buy a decent amp, you can then look to buying a preamp that has HT pass thru which would allow you to still use the Integra as a processor as well as it's amp to push your CC and surrounds while using the new 2 channel amp to push your mains.

Bwyoung does make a valid point. Maybe the source is the problem, or even some new cables would help, but a reciever isn't the best animal for 2 channel listening.
Used conrad johnson tube preamp and used Bryston 3B-ST should cost under $1300 easily. The amp will have 15-18 years left on the warranty. You can sub for the preamp with other brands aklso and still not pay an arm and a leg.
Very simple. I have a Kinergetics KBA-75 Class A amp that I will be selling. There is also a McCOrmack passive deluxe preamp for sale here. Buy both for under $1000, and upgrade you power cords and ICs or speaker cables with the remaining funds. Nothing can touch the KBA for under $2K. I will offer a money back refund on it.

I drove B&W matrix 803 speakers with it (I still own the speakers). The amp held its own with the Rowland M-112 and Spectron Musician II amps out of some of the amps I recently had here in my system.

Hope this helps.
Go for seperate systems. You have the start of each one. If you mostly listen to two channel music, start there first. The B&W N804s are great. They will reveal each upgrade you make if it was worthwhile. I started with them and still have them. Go for a used Classe' CAP 151 or 150 or better, a Plinius integrated of 150wpc or better.
Go for good but inexpensive bookshelf speakers and a decent, but not expensive sub( Velodyne CT series) for your Onker HT receiver.If you want to spend more, put into a bigger and better video display, that's the best about HT.