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I have a pair of NHT 2.5i's (86 db/w/m, 6ohm) and a Rotel RCD 971 transport with MSB Link DAC III half nelson. I'm looking to get an integrated that will bring out the best in these components.

I'm looking for detail (but not overly clinical), dimensionality, midrange bloom to improve upon the NHT's somewhat recessed midrange(not to be confused with 'bloat'), extended yet smooth highs (to tame the NHT's metal tweeter) and good bass and bass control.

I would like opinions/ experience / suggestions any of you have in terms of which of the following integrateds might do the trick.

Here's my not so short list (no particular order, but I like the sound of the Unico with Triangle speakers):

Unison Research Unico
Moon i-3
Moon i-5
Roksan Kandy II
Primare A20MkII / Primare I20 (newest incarnation)
Classe CAP101
Classe CAP151
Cairn (used), I forget the model
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr integrated
NAD s300 silver series
NAD C370 (included as a mid-fi contender)
Plinius 8100/ 8200 (would have to buy sound unheard)
Creek 5350 se

thanks guys!
My suggestion would be the Classe CAP 151. I've never owned one, but when I have listened to it in the past, it seemed to have attributes you desire. In my opinion, the Primare A20 had a very similar sound, perhaps slightly more detailed. If you want to tame the NHT tweeter, forget about the Roksan and NAD units (especially Silver Series).
I'd lean towards the Unico, Moon I-5 (NOT the I-3, it's a different animal), and maybe also the Classe's, though I've heard them at times sounding a bit too dry/dark for my personal taste.

One other thought: Audio Analogue Puccini SE Remote (or non-remote). I used to own this, VERY musical sounding, though it only does 50wpc. Still, depending on how loudly you listen, it may fit in. I had compared it to a YBA Integre DT, Aronov LSi960 (tubes), and a Bryston R60. The AA was the cheapest, and the most musical. It had a slight lushness int he mids that was a coloration, but was so pleasing I loved it. It may mate very well with the NHT's.

If you do look for it, only look for the SE version. Additional power transformer and some other additions, resulting in better bass and dynamics overall.

Good luck !
With 86db speakers you are probably going to need some power. How big is your room? And what is your budget?

I would recommend both the Sim I-5 and the Plinius 8100, both great amps that I have owned and will be better than any other amp in the bunch except possibly the Unico. Good luck.
i would recommend the Classe cap151 or the Mcintosh MA6500 integrated. I used to power a set of NHT 2.9's with the Mcintosh, and it made the nht's sound smoother. I eventually went with Classe seperates and really enjoy the sound of the Classe gear.
The Plinius will power the 2.5i's with ease. It'll warm up the metal tweeters and provide excellent bass.
I agree with Rosstaman about the Plinius. My experience is with the 8200 mkII. I bought mine sound unheard (but highly recommended) and have not regretted it. See my review...e-mail me if you have any questions.

That said, you have a great list of options! None are "slouches" in any sense!
It's me again.

My current room is 14x11x8 (kind of small), but the room will likely change in the relatively near future.

My budget is open to suggestion, but I can tell you that I would like to spend no more than $2000 CANADIAN ($1.25 US hahah) in order to pick up something that I like.

thanks again, people.