Re-manufacturing of 45 singles

I see where RCA is going to start pressing 45 singles again. I know they have more room for frequency etc, but I don't think I will go out and buy a bunch-too much trouble changing a record after each song. We do a lot of things for better sound, but....
It's just an attempt to get some of the vinyl market.

What's your opinions?
If on styrene then not so great. If actually on vinyl better. But it would have to 'catch on' and sell, or it is just another pie in the sky idea.
RCA in particular has few if any 'good ideas'' i think thier last good idea which worked was back in 1950 something...
Well, singles are still quite popular these days, way more so than entire albums.

I download .mp3s these days for less than I used to pay for a 45 as a kid. Of course, you got two songs on a 45 but usually only one you really wanted.

CDs and lp are still around and no physical medium for singles really these days, so why not the old 45 format?

I might be tempted to buy a 45 rather than a download, if the price is reasonable. I would likely record it to digital and play it on my music server along with the rest, but at least maybe have a nice physical package to go along with it for display, to archive away for future use, or whatever.

SO not an outright horrible idea in my mind. We'll see.
Are they going to be 12inch or 7 inch singles?I like 45 rpm sound,want to dedicate a table to play just 7 inch.I still have my Beatles 45's from 1965.I really like 12 inch 45 sound,wish I had collected more years ago.The 12 inchers I feel safer playing on my top table.And then again is the reissue quality question and years of tape loss.IMO I'll stick with original first presses.