How it's Made - Cool manufacturing Videos

I thought this would be a good place for people to share videos from manufacturing.


Here is the MBL, with extra attention to the tweeter section!

Thanks to another Agoner who brought this to my attention in the Tweeters thread.
MBL Omni build (part 2)
Seas (top brand from Norway) tweeters:
Here is a cool kit being assembled, anyone into DIY? :)
This is a tear down instead of an assembly of an Air Motion Transform tweeter.

I just want to remind viewers, there is a large difference between the cheap and most expensive tweeters in all types.
Google magneplanar factory tour for some fun pics (I've not seen a video)
Eric, thanks for the fun and informative post.
Hey Erik - It's interesting that you started this thread, as I just saw the MBL's on HIM yesterday. I then remembered that when I purchased my current main speakers from a fellow A-Goner several years ago that he had a pair of MBL's set up in his listening room -

They are absolutely gorgeous, but I just couldn't stop thinking how amazing they would be if you could somehow have a separate speaker for each performer in the mix.

They definitely appealed to the inner-geek/ engineer in me but not sure how practical they would be in everyday use.  Gotta love the German engineering though.  :)


Here’s a (bit old) video showing the manufacturing steps for ML hybrid electrostatic speakers...

Then you need to try an MBL setup with Neo6 Music mode with a center channel.


That or an animatronic setup.


Erik - At that point I think it would be cheaper to simply book the bands of my choosing for an  in-home performance :)

That's true with ANY MBL setup. :)