RCA to XLR - Cable adapter?

I've got some of the one piece metal change over adapter that go from RCA to XLR in, and out's.

None are male RCA however and that's what the need is now.

To place a bit less strain (as RCA jacks have less mass), I'm thinking to get adapters that have quite a short male RCA cable on the RCA end with the male balanced out end opposite it. Male RCA to male XLR. Short cable on the RCA end.

Anyone ever see RCA - XLR adapter/cable with short cables on the RCA side?

Where or who makes 'em?

My new pre is all SE... the amp is only XLR. and yes, I got the thing about using one of my preexisting adapters on the amp and then whatever RCA cable thereafter. No prob. I've got an almost new Syn Res Ref xlr cable too and hate to have to off it right away. Adapters such as I'm asking for would be immense help and save big bucks right now though.

Thanks for the help, always.
Your preamp-to-amp wiring will be single-ended regardless of what kind of connectors are on the ends. Seems to me you would be better off using a rca-terminated interconnect and the adapter at the amp. If you were to make a cable/adapter such as you describe why not make it long enough to go all the way from preamp to amp? Most any cable manufacturer will make what you want. I have used A2Z cables (on the web).
You can order something like this from Bluejeans cable. I had a 1 ft set made to run from my SE DAC to XLR buffer unit..it works without a hitch.
I actually have several sets of interconnects that feature a male RCA on one end and a male XLR on the other. These go from the RCA outputs of source devices to XLR inputs on my BAT pre-amp.

Currently, I'm using some home builts with WBT RCAs and Neutrik XLR connected via Belden brilliance line. Before I built my own, I used some pre-made cables from Markertek (www.markertek.com). They are actually quite good in both build and sound quality, with Canare RCAs, Canare star quad cable (I believe) and Neutrik XLRs. In fact, I'm still using these for a backup DAC to pre-amp connection and have no desire to change them out. Markertek makes them in just about any combination/length you could want, and they'll even build to suit.

The only problem is that they were so inexpensive, I'm insecure that they're doing as good a job as I think they're doing :^)
thanks much... I'll look into the place shortly. notice any bad stuff happening with them on your regular cables, though?


got it. as I said though... those near new Resolution Refs sure are a nice pair of cables... and i'd like to use them if at all possible... hence the query.

..if no other reason than to check out their match with the new pre. first. might save me going with another set and having to sell these to do it...
Sorry Jim maybe I didn't read over your quest close enough. It would be better IMHO, to just use a SE to XLR interconnect. The BJCs won't cost more than $40. I would eliminate all unneeded connections if possible. Trying to use the Resolution Refs would most likely degrade the sound with all the extra connections...just MHO.
yeah I know... but I just got the thing a few months ago... had it a month or so and then sent the speakers in for a look see at VSA and that took near two months and now they're still breaking in the tweets... geeezzz. what a drag. This will hurt selling them so quickly.

the other posters link ended up as a $50 + ship patch and I may pursue it.

I've got BAT adapters that are female RCA on one end and either male or female RCA on the other end.... so I'm set if all I had were RCA cables.

male to male... RCA to XLR are way less but I've no space for them on the pre... super.

One other option is to call/Email Frank at Signal Cable ... He will make whatever you need. He is a really nice guy does good work and the cost is very reasonable. I really like the Silver Resolution stuff but his copper cables are also well made and have a great sound in my humble opinion.

I really like the idea of having a 6" to 1 foot Balanced XLR to RCA converter cable both for the strain relief and it gives me more options. I never thought about it - I had Frank build me full cables with balanced XLR to RCA for my Levinson amps. The Camac to RCA converters were almost as much as the cables Frank built for me. It would be nice to have the converter cables however - I could play around with a few different IC's. It's hard to find IC's that run a male XLR to male RCA. If I went with your idea and had a short XLR male to RCA female - I would have many more options to try.

Good luck.

Looks as though I'm going to go off for something by way of an adapter-ish thingy with a wire in between and as short as i can get away with and as reasonable as I can too.

Were I to go with any cable co to get custom made ones, I'd likely just get them from Voodoo as I am more familiar with the sound (s of some of his wires.

I amaze me sometimes. I simply never gave a wit of thought to those new Syn xlr cables i just got.

It must be true about what they say is the first thing to go... I agree. it's the memory.