Banana spade adapters

Hi folks, i need banana to spade adapers for Sonus Faber Cremona M speakers, i have MIT MH 750 Shotgun Bi-wire cables ( )

Anyone know which adapter would be good or best?

I have been using Cardas banana to spade adaptors for a set of Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables on my VTL amps and Wilson Audio Sophias for about 5 years now and never felt the need to have the cables reterminated to spades. Hope this helps.
+1 on the Cardas.
+2 for the Cardas. Available on Amazon(where I got mine)
They fit the banana plugs snugly, so you don't have to worry about them slipping out.
Does anyone know if these Cardas with 1/4 Spade will fit on a Pass Labs X350.5 I have being shipped? I can't find anything that tells me the size of pass labs spade size needed or are they universal and the Cardas 1/4 will work fine. Might be a dum question but I have banana on my HiDiamond cables and Pass only takes spades so I need to order some today! Thx
I use mine on a Pass Labs XA 30.5.
Please note that the Pass Labs speaker post will accept a banana plug if you remove the plug on the post itself, if you look you will see a tapered shank holding the plug in, just drive it out once you determine the direction of the taper and use your bananas.
+3 for the Cardas, also from Amazon.

how about spade to banana...I don't see a Cardas for that ?
how about spade to banana...I don’t see a Cardas for that ?
You can use this as either a banana plug or as an adapter:

Thanks guys for the replys! I think i will buy cardas!