RCA Females, chassis mount

I need to replace the RCA input jacks on the rear of my power amp. (Audiolab 8000P). the unit has any array of 4 (2 top 2 below)with minimal clearance around them, so need some with minimum diameter to allow clearance between RCA's. I have looked at Cardas CTFA's, and these might work if outer clearance(incl outer diameter on nut)is 1/2 inch max. I have 9/16 center on center between RCA's. Any candidates other than the Cardas that might be slimmer? (looked at WBT and these look bigger (size, and cost).
The Vampire M1F Female RCA is available as OFC copper with direct gold plate. I like these and the Cardas you are already considering.

Visit this link at Welborne labs, ask for tech specs to see if the physical size is suitable for your application.

You might try the Kimber female RCA's. They are built nice and they are fairly slim. Kimber sales male and female connectors, capacitors, wire and a lot of other stuff along with WBT.