RB-301 Spring "ringing" when VTF set to "2"?

With the VTF set to "2" as required by my Dynavector 20XL, when I tap my RB-301 I can hear the spring in the VTF mechanism ringing. Is this normal?
You could disconnect and remove the spring and just use the counterweight to set the VTF. Or turn the VTF dial up as far as it will go and then use the counterweight to set the VTF. I assume you have a stylus pressure gauge.
Dear Vinyladdict: Unfortunately with the commercial tonearms ( vintage/today ) that are dinamically balanced designs ( a desirable tonearm characteristic. ) like seems to me the Rega 301, the tonearm must use a VTF mechanism ( independent of the counterweight through a dial VTF control. ) to set the VTF, almost all ( if I recall. ) but Micro Seiki MAX 237/282, use some kind of spring to make that job but this VTF springs has its own resonances ( micro-resonances/vibrations. ) that degrade the signal cartridge performance.

The Jea48 advice to set the VTF through the counterweight ( static tonearm balance way. ) and not through the " springs " give you a better quality cartridge performance.

From my tonearms/cartridges experiences IMHO this " little " change in any dynamicaly balanced tonearm ( to static way, including the MS ) is worth to try it: the sound reproduction " suffer " a change for the better almost always.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Good observational skills by Vinyladdict and excellent advice from Jea48 and Raul. Many RB-300/301 owners do exactly this, as a search of this or most vinyl forums will show.

The question may arise, how do I fine tune VTF without engaging the spring?

The answer may also arise: buy 50 cents worth of O-rings and slide one or more onto the end stub to reduce VTF in small increments. This saves futzing with the %@$#! counterweight once you've got VTF close.
Dear Doug: Maybe I'm missing something in your post because I don't understand why: the question may arise.

As Jea48 point out in any tonearm you can do it through the counterweight movements( forward/rearward ) with out the necessity to engage the springs ( you don't need it. )

Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks guys - I'm wondering now if I should send the stock RB-301 back and just get an Incognito rewired RB251 for the same money since the RB251 has no spring. The weight of my cartridge won't allow me to disengage the spring completely with the stock counterweight.
Check this out.

It's true one CAN adjust by moving the counterweight. But for small VTF changes (.05g or so) it is MUCH easier and faster to slip an O-ring on/off the end stub.

Moving the counterweight that small amount requires weighing after each movement and there is always much trial and error. Adding or removing an O-ring makes the same change EVERY TIME. It takes 2 seconds and you don't need to use the scale.

YMMV of course. It's just a suggestion that works for me, as you'll remember from your visit.
Dear Doug: Yes to that tiny VTF changes your O-ring is very good answer to it, yes now I remember about.

regards and enjoy he music.
You may hear the spring ring when tapping. But where is there evidence that the spring rings when playing music?
Hi Reb,

this is a well known and documented tweak to the Regas with the springs. Springs vibrate. That is what they are meant to do. Removing the spring helps takes away unwanted resonances.