Dual 1219 spring suspension

Has anyone tried replacing the four springs with sorbothane disks, maybe 1/4"x1"?  Wondering if that modern material would work better than the metal coils they had back in the 1970s.


Or coat them with 3M rubberized undercoat, P/N 03584. I wouldn't mess with the spring rates.

Kinda wondering what’s wrong with the springs?  I have a modded Dual 1229 with a Grace 747 tonearm and love the spring suspension.  Having hardwood floors they absorb any foot fall vibration.  When I used to use an LP12, I couldn’t walk across the room without causing stylus jump.  It’s an old technique, but a really well executed. 
At one time I had a nice heavy hardwood plinth made for the Dual (still have it somewhere), and tried using it without the springs like I do on my Garrard 301.  I didn’t like it.  It also seemed to kill the lively sound of the turntable.  I refinished the stock plinth and reinstalled the springs.  




The older Duals are extremely well engineered, even though the engineering may look a little "crude".  Unless you have a problem, just leave it alone.