Radio Paradise to Stream MQA to Blue OS

i think a careful listener would conclude RP has been subtly processing the stream for years and in doing so providing good sound....i will continue to support them w my time and $, i like the music they play......
I’ve read some stuff about the processing they do, which is what makes me wonder if MQA is a step backwards.
could be, i only use the Bluesound in the sunroom with and i will have to have a listen sometime....

The NAIM in the other systems have a NAIm/RP exclusive feed but it’s not Redbook rez but is obviously sonically enhanced...

@tomic601 I currently have my Bluesound Pulse speakers set up in my office.  My ARC VSi55 tried to catch on fire and is in the shop.  Needless to say they are a bit of a step down from my KEF Ref 1s, but they keep the music flowing.  I sold my Node 2s some time ago.  Great value for the money, but not the ultimate in refinement.

Here's a long discussion about RP audio quality

Looking forward to being able to meet in person.
i'm not anti-mqa and it does sound better, though truth be told so little material is available on mqa that i wouldn't bother with upgrading my gear just to get it. however, rp is fantastic (and free), so i'm all for anything that broadens is base or helps it financially.