Radio Paradise to Stream MQA to Blue OS

I've been a fan of Radio Paradise for many years. I don't want to ruffle any feathers here but being firmly in the anti-MQA camp I found this disappointing. I spoke with Bill last week (via email) about this and he was gracious, as usual. He explained they will continue streaming flac for non-Bluesound users and us anti-MQA'ers. He likes MQA better than flac and believes it to be a nice option for his listeners, one which may bring new listeners to the service. Of course I wish him well but I will no longer support them financially. In fact, I won't support any service or manufacturer who is in bed with this company. 
Ain’t ruffling my feathers. I am perfectly satisfied with FLAC format and the resolutions they provide and have no plans to jump on the MQA wagon. although I would like a SACD player :). I am a huge fan of RP as well and will continue supporting them. I asked Bill on RP forum about the future of Non MQA formats and he led me to believe they will someday deliver FLAC 24/96.
Interesting. I think it sounds great without MQA. I'm all for anything that makes them successful, it's a great service and I listen often. 

I found it ironic that "serious music listeners" and BluOS were mentioned in the same announcement.
i think a careful listener would conclude RP has been subtly processing the stream for years and in doing so providing good sound....i will continue to support them w my time and $, i like the music they play......
I’ve read some stuff about the processing they do, which is what makes me wonder if MQA is a step backwards.
could be, i only use the Bluesound in the sunroom with and i will have to have a listen sometime....

The NAIM in the other systems have a NAIm/RP exclusive feed but it’s not Redbook rez but is obviously sonically enhanced...

@tomic601 I currently have my Bluesound Pulse speakers set up in my office.  My ARC VSi55 tried to catch on fire and is in the shop.  Needless to say they are a bit of a step down from my KEF Ref 1s, but they keep the music flowing.  I sold my Node 2s some time ago.  Great value for the money, but not the ultimate in refinement.

Here's a long discussion about RP audio quality

Looking forward to being able to meet in person.
i'm not anti-mqa and it does sound better, though truth be told so little material is available on mqa that i wouldn't bother with upgrading my gear just to get it. however, rp is fantastic (and free), so i'm all for anything that broadens is base or helps it financially.
i'm all for anything that broadens is base or helps it financially.
They have a donation link on their web page.  I use it often.

Greg...i waded thru a few guess is the open source mp3 encoder...

$ to RP today for sure
I updated my my Bluesound components last night and gave RP a listen on the MQA platform.  I liked the presentation.  The sense of space, instrumental separation, and more dimensional images are what stood out for me.  Big win for no additional $$$$.

btw,  through my Tidal subscription I have noted that MQA is not a guarantee of a great recording.  There are many cd files that sound better than some MQA files.  However, I find an excellent recording in the MQA format does offer more than an excellent recording in the cd format.
I agree with you on that. 

The format does not guarantee a good recording,  it's the recording that makes 99% of the difference.