Rack effects on aktiv equipment

I recently went akitv with 2 LK85s and a Majik as pre. When I fired it up, the mids were sucked out and all of the life was gone.

Connections, speaker configuration, placement have been tried to no affect. The dealer I work with is now suggesting the SoundOrg rack I have may be the culprit, and is particularly focusing on the current MDF shelves [about 3/8 in]. I have thought of changing to the enamel finished rack with glass shelves. He has contacts at Mana Accoustics and is running ideas across them; I am waiting for the dealer's inquiries to make a move. Unfortunately, something at a Mana level is probably outside of budget.

In the mean time, I have gone back to passive biamping because the sound was sucked-out so badly.

Anyone played with different racks and LINN gear?
I have my linn Classik sitting in a zoethecus rack with the e.shelf instead of the much more expensive z.slab or z.pod.

Sounds good to me. I really doubt the rack can have THAT much effect. What is your source?
Genki, K400 and Std LINN ICs. So far everyone is stumped. The dealer doesn't believe it's a room affect either.

The only thing hasn't been is send the cards to LINN for testing, which seems dubious.
I'm sorry to butt in when I have no real experience with Linn gear other than having heard a friend's system both passive and Aktiv (using no special rack, by the way), but while I have heard sonic differences from vibration control devices and racks I have never heard a sonic difference from them as significant or pronounced as the one you describe. I'm curious, do you biamp from the same rack with no ill effects? If so, that should rule out the room, the rack and the speakers; I'd think something has to be wrong in the amps--maybe they set them up with crossover configurations for a different Linn (you are using Linn speakers, I assume) speaker by mistake?
Unfortuntely, no. The cards are Keilidh cards, which LINN confirm are a correct match for my Ninkas and should be fine to use. Given the sound is little changed in overall character from my Majik when biamping, I believe the amps are in proper order.

But you do raise an interesting point, as the aktiv cards themselves are the one variable which seems to be causing the issue. This could be pointing to a malfunctioning card...
I do not know much about the wiring of the Ninkas, but have you checked to see if "jumpers"? on the speakers are set correctly? I would be suspicious of my dealer's ethics or intelligence if they suggested a new rack to solve your problem. I think the notion is ridiculous. BTW, I have heard a Linn rig including the 85s and Ninkas with the electrionics resting on a Quadraspire MDF rack, and there wasn't a problem with the midrange (or anything other range). Good luck.
I have heard a rack produce DRASTIC effects on what you heard. However, if it isn't doing it in passive mode, it isn't going to do it in active mode. My guess is that something is wrong in the active crossover section. The slopes may not be adjusted correctly, the hinge frequencies not be summed properly, etc... I would check into it, as my experience is that a well set up active crossover / multi-amped system is FAR superior to any passive crossover system. Sean
I have an Linn Keilidh/LK140 system that I went aktiv with after the first 6 months. During the switch to aktiv I had all of the components stacked up on top of one another on the floor. When I switched to aktiv there was a noticeable improvement in sound; musicality, detail, transparency, tonal balance etc. I recently built a baltic birch cube of the same proportions as the footprint of the linn components that now serves as the base for the stack (2 near-perfect cubes on top of one another - the wood cube and the four Linn boxes which visually form a cube when stacked). This is mainly for aesthetic reasons - and to get to get the gear up off of the floor away from dust. I have heard my system set up in a showroom on an expensive rack (I don't know which brand). My system sounded better at home stacked up on the floor than it did in the showroom because my room is acoustically superior. When I put the components on the cube they looked better but there was little or no effect on the sound. When I first installed the new aktiv cards I think it did sound a little bright and etched at first - but it soon smoothed out - I guess it needed to break in because now it sounds excellent. In short, my experience would suggest that this 'Rack effect' that you speak of may in actuality be more of a 'crack effect' - did you ask your dealer if he does crack?