a new radio station moved in 1510 am and i hear it loud and clear. i am running 20ft innerconnects. impossible to use any thing else. tried power conditioners to no avail. i tell you what guys if someone can come up with an idea that works i will give them 50.00. the idea though cant cost me an arm and leg. if i lift the innerconnects the r.f.i. is even louder. my amps are home run to the junction box. all on the same common ground. i may be able to run a seperate ground with an isolated box but dont know if that will work. if i am unsuccessful i will quit this hobby forever.
silver 60's amps
blue circle bc-3 preamp
decapo ref "a" speakers
tara labs innerconnects
audio majic silver speaker cables
blue circle power cords
wadia 27i d/a
wadia transport
linn lp12
doesnt matter the source. no chg in system plugging into a conditioner. no change wrapping foil around all cables, some cables, or any combo, lifting ground, or grounded it just doesnt matter what i do !! emailed f.c.c they said no provision for r.f.i.
they said sorry but......
I think you need to find out if the rf is being picked by the amp or preamp.
Do you still get noise if you connect the Wadia directly to the amp?
If so, then it's most likey the amp is picking up the noise. Tube equipment tend to have very high input impedance whcih makes it more sensitive to rf pick up. Unfortunately, ferrite core won't work in this application since the frequency of the noise is too low. You might have to add a low pass filter at the input of the amp to filter the rf noise. See if the noise goes away if you short the input of the amp with an RCA plug. I think you really need to isolate the componet that picking up the noise.
If it turns out to be the long run of interconnect, any chance of running it inside copper conduit as a shield? This is not near as difficult as it sounds, particularly if your home rests on a pier and beam foundation.
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I am not directly familiar with your amp or pre. Are the tubes out in the open i.e. exposed to the airwaves or placed within a some type of a shield like a cage, etc ??? If they are out in the open, try shielding them as best possible and see if this helps. Sean