"Best" audio rack for under $500.00?

Looking for a 4 shelf stand for a Plinius Integrated amplifier, Cal. Audio Labs Cd Player, and a turntable. Thinking about an Atlantis Reference but would really appreciate help because at this price point there does not seem to be a great deal out there, Thanks, Richard
build it yourself. i did it. here are the materials:

5 one inch mdf, 20 x14, 4 knurled rods, about 48 " to 60" high, depending upon desired height of rack, 40 nuts and 40 washers. drill 4 holes in each shelf, rods should be 3/4 inch diameter.

place rods through each hole and attach each shelf, one at a time, placing washers and nuts appropriately. sand each shelf and paint glossy black.

i may have missed out a detail or two, but i trust you get the idea. shelf has a lot of weight.

you can adjust each shelf, according to desired clearance to the next shelf above.
Check out Adona - they list regularly here - very high quality at a very modest price - $500 definitely has you in the park - I am happy with mine and feel like it would take 3-10x to better it

I used to have that Atlantis reference. You'll hear that difference over something basic. Fill the legs up with sand or lead shot or a combo. It's worth $500 or less...

At the time I was running a Wadia 850, BAT VK 200, BAT VK50se, and Audio Physic Virgos...

Try some footers to help out the shelves...DH Cones or something similar...
I agree with Mr.Tennis for a complete rack at $500.00. You could sub, MDF shelves for Acrylic, but it will cost ya. Also investigate into damping materials, to decouple your components, this can be cheap and effective, I love the Cardas blocks with Sorbothane® pads.
Try this....

Superb quality in my black Plateau racks purchased from Outlaw Audio. Check them out in my pics of my HT. I believe they were around $300some including shipping. Doesn't appear that Outlaw sells them anymore, but I'm sure someone does. They also have casters available for extra.

BTW, I purchased Video racks, ones that are designed to hold large, up to 36", TV's. They were low enough to contain my equipment underneath the fixed screen on wall. I prefer the low profile look to the taller racks.