"Appalachian Journey" SACD

Any listening to this work by Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Buchanon and Mark O'Connor? Guest vocals by James Taylor and Allison Krauss. A gorgeous blend of bluegrass and string trio style music. I have been listening to the 2 channel layer and it images like crazy. You can hear so far into it you can almost feel the rosin on the bows. Taylor's vocals on "Hard Times No More" are so emotive and heartfelt, it reminds me the song "The Suit" that he sings on Jerry Douglas' "Look Out For Hope". I have yet to listen to the CD layer to compare the two, but at $12.99, that's a lot of music, that's well done.
It's indeed a nice disc, one of the first SACDs I got. I have the same reaction to the James Taylor cut as well. Edgar Meyer would be shocked to be called Buchanon, though..:-) If you like this sort of crossover (Classical Grass, some call it), Bela Fleck has a CD (wish it was SACD) out called Perpetual Motion where he plays works by Scarlatti, Bach, Paganini and others on the banjo with accompaniment by artists such as Chris Thule, Josh Bell, Mr. Meyer and Evelyn Glennie, among others. The sonics are so-so, and not all of the arrangements work for my taste (although they are definitely unique), but Mr. Fleck's playing is worth the price of the disc and then some.
As soon as I hit submit, I went "gulp", Buchanon is a dead character actor. Meyer, Meyer, Meyer... Too much Smoking Loon Cabernet last night. Another post I called someone O'Connell instead of McConnell.
If you enjoyed Appalachian Journey and Mark O Connor's playing ... a must try is Mark O Connor's "Hot Swing Trio" ... available on SACD, as well. What Mark did for bluegrass on "Appalachian," he does for swing/jazz on this disc. Jane Monheit does a stunning version of "Misty." Wynston Marsalis guests, as well. If you wish to explore bluegrass some more ... try this website ... http://www.acousticdisc.com. The label is run by David Grisman and you can sample all their discs on-line (enter Acoustic Disc on-line). Two newer releases "Old & in the Gray" (similar to Grisman & Garcia's "Old & In the Way," but with a different lineup) and "Life of Sorrow" are nicely recorded and offer very enjoyable bluegrass/old timey music. Enjoy, Rich