Quiex...what exactly is this method of vinyl pressing?

I need some details on this.
I am not sure about the method of Quiex pressing, but I have been told that the Quiex pressings are "first run" pressings on very high quality vinyl. I recall that most, if not all of my Quiex pressings, were promotional releases. Also, most of my Quiex pressings are translucent when held up to a light. similar to some half-speeds.

Quiex is a vinyl formulation and as Dem states has been used on many promotional releases (the ones I know of are on the Geffen label)

There is a Quiex II and now a Quiex SV formulation (check out Classic Records on www.classicrecords.com)

Regards, Richard

The translucency has nothing to do with Quiex. Vinyl is translucent by nature and people just color it to varying degrees.
*virgin* vinyl is translucent. mfsl and quiex lp's were pressed on virgin vinyl. hold a mfsl lp up to a strong light source. you can see through it. now try the same with a "typical" pressing. you can't see through it 'cause it's made of inferior, not virgin, vinyl. this has nothing to do with "coloring." in fact, most colored records (not opaqely colored) are pressed on virgin vinyl. -cfb
Thanks, Vantageaudio, for the tip about Quiex SV on Classic Records. While Classic Records took their own sweet time sending my order, it was worth the wait. The sound quality of the Quiex SV recording was amazing. Even compared to other 180 gram recordings.