Questions regarding used Jolida tube integrated I looked at today.

So I'm trying to pick up a nice unit for a friend who is ready to power his klipsch with some tubes.  I went to look at a Jolida integrated 150watt unit (jd1000-a) and there were a couple issues that made me hesitate from purchasing.  I think this unit is probably about 15 years old and I've heard Jolida's were less reliable back then.

1) there was noise in one channel.  Probably a tube needs replacing?  Or could it be something else?

2) the unit was very hot.  It had only been on about an hour and it was much hotter than my two tube units at home run, really felt like a little heater.  Is this normal for a larger watt tube unit?  Could this be a sign of a deeper problem?

thanks for any advice or insights, amigos!

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You should pass on that amp. It could be anything from the power transformer to bad caps. Find something better,you sure don’t need a 150 watt tube amp for Klipsch speakers. If your friend wants a tube amp anything 30 watts up will be fine!
thanks yogiboy, that's what I suspected. :-/
8 EL34's should be extremely hot!
FYI, that's 75 watts per channel I believe, not 150.  That's still a lot for Klipsch but not overkill.
Personally I found that older Jolida's came with crummy tubes.  Rolling tubes in them was expected.
I still wouldn't buy an amp with issues...