questions about tubes - to experts

I'm new in tubes (just recently bought first tube component ever), so I have some questions. I discovered Electro Harmonics company, how good are their tubes ?
Much worse them the best from what I had read here on Audiogon Western Electric, better them Sylvania, Swietlana... ?
For example is EH 300B worse them a few time more expensive Western Electric 300B ?
What is a difference between NIB pair of WE 350B and pair of WE 350B ? What NIB stands for ?
NIB = New In Box, Brand Spankin New, Never Used, Perfect, etc.....
Yeah Audiobugged, those B.S.N.N.U.P.s are kick ass!
Sorry for the confusion, N.I.B. stands for {"New In Box"}

Is that better Gunbei??? ;0)~
I presume you're talking about 300B tubes? If so, I know nothing about EHs as have always used Western Electric. But I'm considering getting some Sophias just for fun - maybe the new Princesses.
If you're looking for a high value 300B I would recommend trying out the Valve Art Titanium Meshplate tubes. I picked up a pair for $165 and at that price they're a steal. I really don't miss my Western Electrics at all. I've never tried EH so can't comment on them.
You can do lots of searches hereabouts on '300B', Harmonix. or Western Electric.

Also a general google on 'tubes and 300B' will turn up quite the evening's enjoyed reading.
Try the Sophia mesh or the JJ mesh; same tubes. They are as good as the current production Western Electrics and are excellent values. Original Western Electrics are simply too much money for a NIB pair in sealed boxes if you can find them .

The Sophia Princess 300b is wonderful and does sound a bit better than standard 300b but at a cost. Different transformers and overall design are required AND they make around 5 watts with a conservative design where they are not overdriven. I am thinking of having an amp built around the Princess as the power is fine for me as I use 96db/8 ohm Galante speakers. Hard to tell if these tubes will be available in a few years as they are not advertised very well other than on the Sophia site.
Valve Art tubes looks great, but unfortunatelly they do not have 350B :(