Question For VPI Super Scoutmaster Owners

My current set up is a VPI SSM Rim Drive with classic platter. Looking to upgrade the arm . I currently have the Standard JMW 9 base and junction box. I have a couple of Signature armwands that I use with the standard base. I also have a couple of the standard armwands.

I am trying to decide whether to obtain a JMW 9 Signature base and junction box to complete the upgrade to Signature or just upgrade to the Classic 3 arm.

I have heard some on this forum say there is little if any sonic improvements going from the 9 Signature to the Classic 3. I have also heard some say there was a small improvement but nothing jaw dropping.

One concern about the Classic 3 is that my beautiful Gingko table top cover may not fit anymore as it appears the Classic 3 arm hangs slightly over the side of the table.

Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.


You have fallen victim to Harry's upgrade scam. Dump everything and get a Classic 3, never to be 'upgraded'. I admire Harry's business smarts.
I am one that has posted that the upgrade from the 9 inch to the 12 inch is a very small upgrade ...although I have am ordering the new 3D arm and will post my finding on that one. Regarding the Gingko dust cover....when you have settled on the arm you will use, if you send the dust cover back to Gingko, they can cut out the necessary pieces from your dust cover to accommodate your new arm. The Gingko people are very nice.
I saw that new Armwand at the Newport show last weekend. It's very cool!

Stringreen- I would like to communicate with you by email or phone with a couple of questions. If you don't mind My email address is:

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Just get the new 3D printed arm wand. No idea on the cost of this upgrade but the sonic difference was just staggering over the original arm wand.
Ptmconsulting......that's what Harry told me as well. ...very little resonance in the arm. Right now I'm awaiting the next upgrade to the Classic platter....its ceramic, which Harry says is a leap above the Classic platter, which is/was a leap above the Superplatter. I'm expecting it any day. I'm about to leave for Europe (musical cruise down the Danube)....but will get the 3D arm when I get back. I am using a Benz LPS which is very, very heavy, and just want Harry's opinion on using the Benz with the 3D arm (he already told me it needs no 10.5i does need damping with the Benz) when I get back.
I have both a Classic-3 arm and a complete Classic-1 armtube/arm assy. There is a real quantifiable difference between the two. I don't know if this correlates as to the/a difference between a 9 and a Classic 3 armtube/arm assembly. But the difference is real, now whether or not it's worth the money, that's a personal decision, but having hear the difference between the two it'd be a no-brainer for me to make the upgrade.

The Classic III is so much better, just get one and be done. They are just explosive, big grand, and vinyl at its affordable best. A great achievement in music. I have had just about every reasonable priced VPI, the II, III, IV, Aries, Scoutmaster Signature, now back to a Aries. I heard a classic III, and it was mind blowing. Get one....
I also upgraded to the new aluminum/ceramic Classic platter and bearing, from an older MK III platter and bearing. Yes, it was a very nice gain in stability and dynamics and smoothness. Can't say how it improves on the all aluminum Classic 3 platter though. The ceramic is a new coating on the original Classic 3 platter.

As for the new arm, I heard a demo at VPI using the same cartridge and it was obvious and hugely better. More focused, more dimentionality, more dynamic and actually sounded somewhat louder. A no-brainer upgrade there.