Question for Oppo 105 out to an external DAC ?

Hello all,

I wish to try a Cambridge Dac I've had on hand for a few years to see how it compares with the built-in Sabre dac in the Oppo.

So I am looking essentially at trying the Oppo 105 as a pure transport only, without interference from the sabre dac.

Looking at the back panel and manual doesn't help much.

Thanks if you can help!
Is your question how to connect it?  Doesn't it have a Coax or Optical output that you can connect to the DAC?
Sorry for the confusion, just wondering if the coax and optical outputs are direct off the transport and bypass the Dac inside.
Yes, using either of the digital outputs will bypass the internal DAC in the Oppo 105. The output of a transport is digital, the output of a DAC is analog.
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Hi Sonic,

Yes, digital outputs, both the coax and optical, bypass the internal DAC.


So Phil. Will you be selling the Oppo 105D?

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