Question for LP-12 owners

I have read a lot of threads regarding upgrades for the LP-12. For those of you that have upgraded your LP-12 with motors, arms, bases etc., the descriptions of the differences had to do with quietness, space, detail retrieval etc. But what about PRAT? That is the sole reason I bought my LP-12, but I never see anything about this when reading these descriptions of the differences. If I were to upgrade my LP12, that is what I would be worried about most. Have any of these changes affected PRAT significantly?

hi mike......most upgrades on the lp-12....get the table to the next level of all the things you most of the time prat is also improved.....i have 3 lp-12 and all have diffrent arms,carts, my experience with the lp-12......the best upgrade on it is the tone-arm followed by the cartridge and then the power supply...etc....i have tried it all diffrent ways...and the above is the best...i'll tell you why........once you get the arm and cartridge combo to your liking...and that alone will bring you background...and of course PRAT...then you can do additional upgrades and bring the table to another level......thats the greatest thing about these begin with PRAT!!! and i heard and owned ALOTE of tables in my life-time..but still always came back to my lp-12 for the PRAT...and just plain musical enjoyment ......i hope this helps you mike.
I feel like I'm butting in here...but what is 'PRAT'? Since I have an LP-12, I thought I should know what I'm getting.
I found the answer on another thread...thanks anyway.



for any other newbies...
PRAT = Pace, Rhythym And Timing. The stuff that makes you want to tap your feet when the music starts

The only Linn upgrade that has a reputation for compromising PRAT is the Trampolin. Can't vouch for the mods sold by Extreme Phono, but if you stay with Linn itself, the upgrades are all good. Some are expensive, for sure, but I started with a basic LP12 eons ago and have liked every upgrade. I skipped the Trampolin on the advice of my dealer. I added Lingo, Ekos, Cirkus, Troika and later Arkiv. Ekos was lowest value, Cirkus highest. Lingo is excellent, too, probably worth doing ahead of an Arkiv. I've never heard the Linto, but it is on my long term list. I thought that a pneumatic isolation platform (Townshend) was not as good as a sandbox (Brightstar), but that is room- and system-dependent.
whknopp0713.......lingo is good up-grade.but have you tried a armegaddon..or heard the lp-12 with one...i had the lingo and switched to the even more the way had the linto also using a prefix.....i also tried a stage line with flat-cap and hi-cap..and super cap........its also a better value and less expensive one and you can improve it over time.....i agree with you about the ekos arm...regards bora.