question for Gallo Ref owners

A hi-end novice friend of mine is moving residences and for the first time is exploring improving his music system more seriously. I managed to do a convert, ...the more the merrier. Given his budget, I have advised him speakers between Gallo Ref and Zu Druid both of which are available here in HK. (he wants full range and dynamic capability) This is based on my own listening exp which were not extended by any means but were enough to convince me that both were extraoridnary in their own right, especially for their pricing levels.

The friend first visited Gallo, Apparently the dealer here (I was not present) drove them thru Naim amplification, I think it was an integrated plus another pwr amp to drive the bass drivers. While he loved it, he is hesistant to spend that much money (US$5-6000) on just amplification which we can all understand especially for someone who is first entering our world.

So the question is ...for Gallo Ref owners out there what integrated or pre-pwer combination of price tags of US$3000 or less would you recommend? What has worked well in your exp? Help me to help him, we need more audiophiles!
The Gallo CDT tweeter is very revealing. I would stay away from bright amplification and lean toward the warmer side. I have run Gallo ref II's on solidstate and tube amps. I have yet to try a hybrid which I think might be the best match.

On the Ref III I think you can run tubes on the top and solidstate on the woofer. This would obviously be a big step for newbie. However, I am running VTL 25 Watt tiny triodes with suprising results. The VTL IT85 might be an interesting match for the Ref III. This tube integrated has outputs to run additinal tube amp for bi-amping or solid state for subwoofer. Just an idea.
"So the question is ...for Gallo Ref owners out there what integrated or pre-pwer combination of price tags of US$3000 or less would you recommend? What has worked well in your exp? Help me to help him, we need more audiophiles!"

I have had the gallos 3.1s for 2 months and am runnig them with the NAD new master series (M3) dual mono integrated solid state to wonderful results!! No brightness whatsoever. Audiophile sound with tons of clarity!!!


Msrp is $2795 in the states.
How about the DK Design Hybrid integrated?
Running them with a Cary SLI-80 Signature will yield exactly what you seem to seek. The Cary can be obtained used for around $2,000 US, is easy to bias and takes a wide compliment of tubes.
I'm running the DK Design VS1 MK.2 with the Gallos, and am extremely happy with the results- deep soundstage, holographic imaging, lovely tonal balance. I intend to add the Gallo sub amp later in the year just to see what results it yields.
tubes may be intimidating for a SS? what about Arcam, Exposure, Ayre, Sim Audio?
I've just introduced the TAD-60 tube amp to go with a Placette passive pre (total <$2500). The instrumental articulation, detail, tonal accuracy, depth, staging and musicality have all appreciably improved. I think it matches the gallo quite well - it smooths some of the brightness of the tweeter, and it really shows off the mid-range beauty of the speaker. I also don't feel compelled to rush out and get a sub-woofer amp. I've only been listening to the TAD for 3 days so I haven't yet gotten beyond my initial impressions and enthusiasm. It'll take more time before I reach a more considered view. Just wanted to share my experiences with matching Gallos.
I drove my old Gallo Reference with Gryphon integrated amps (AT and Tabu) with good results.

Not sure if Naim (which I also had but not mating with the Gallos) would be a good match for them.

Hope this helps

I have tried Gallo 3 with Krell 400xi with good results.
The treble is very clean and sweet and airy
It is worhtwhile buying the accompanying Gallo amp for the woofer if you desire deep tight bass.
thanks Kpw...the krell did strike me as a possible good match
I'm running mine with a Rowland Concentra II with ease. They can take lots of power and the CII has a liquid presentation which they seem to love. Sounds great - and your friend should be able to pick up a clean used CII for about $3k
The Sonic Euphoria passive autoformer preamp requires no expensive powercord, and adds no noise whatsoever. Read the reviews for more information. >$1500


Mono class D amps: neutral sound with no heat, little weight, no tubes, no bias adjustments, no electric bill. Plus they sound great and cost 1/3 to 1/2 of their equivilent tube or SS class A. This is not a passing fad.

Check out Channel Islands, Bel Canto, Nuforce, Spectron etc.

Class dismissed. (This is one course where receiving a "D" is a passing grade).
Im also thinking about combining the DK Design VS1 MK.2 with the Gallo's reference 3.1..I heard the Gallos and they sound terrific running off some Tube mono blocks,I never heard the DK Design VS1 MK.2 personally but what I read and was told this is a very capable intergraded for the 3.1....