Question about Tone Controls + Equalizers

So I wanted to get opinions on Tone Controls.

I listen to all my music including LP's with Tone Controls defeated.

Why do I do that, you say? Because when I started on this journey I had the impression in my mind that in order to be an Audiophile, you have to listen to all music in it's purest form otherwise you are degrading the sound (I know, a very novice and naive mentality). 

So my first questions, do you all listen to LP's with tone controls on or off (if you have the capability in your system)?

My second question is about equalizers and in particular the Schiit Loki. If you have Tone Controls in your system, is adding a equalizer or tone control system useless or does it interfere whit your built in Tone Controls? Would you have defeat the Tone Controls on your own system in order to use the Loki or could they work with each other? I am not sure.

Do you all think a device like the Loki could possibly help fine tune your system sound? Is anyone using it in their own rig with LP playback?

That is what I would use it for, LP Playback, if I ever got the Loki or anything similar.

Like stereo5-- I have a luxman 590axii and those tone controls work the magic when needed!! Was thinking of even trying the new mac c53 or 2700 tube unit.
Spininvinyl, I agree. When it comes to analog simple is always best and for decade I did exactly what you are doing. Then digital came along, a totally different animal. Now instead of modifying an analog signal you are just changing numbers. Numbers do not have noise or distortion. They are just numbers. A whole new world has opened up. The final product is better than what you can do in the analog world. So much so that I digitize the output of my phonoamp so that is uses the same processor as everything else. 
I no longer do vinyl and since I got my hearing aids, which work excellent BTW I never use EQ with speakers. However with headphones which account for about 30-40% of my listening I either use Roon DSP or my Schiit Loki. Until I got my hearing aids I did not realize what I was missing.I think most people over 60 have enough hearing loss to benefit from some equalization.YMMV
I agree re use of a Loki in a headphone system. I've never heard my system with such clarity and, with a tweak of the 2k knob, I can get rid of a lot of upper mid-range glare common with poor(er) CDs. (I'm using  Mr Speaker headphones, and a Wadia 302 CDP).  
 + 1 for the Loki . I run a tube pre and a tube power amp . I mostly roll tubes for tone . Within that , I mostly roll power and rectifier tubes . I use the Loki less than when new . On a second amp that’s lower quality I would use the Loki always . I also have an old MXR 15 band analog for my retro system . It’s the same as the instrument version , but has a case and RCA connection instead of 1/4”. But like stated above , it’s ancient , although effective. I run it through the tape monitor out/in on a Sansui 9090 with JBL 4312’s. I wouldn’t consider it for a purist system . But even with its 4 band limits , the Loki is a neat little piece . Also consider the the additional IC’s that will be needed . My IC’s like most , will cost more than the Loki . You might consider a different cartridge for your TT ,also recapping an old amp usually yields good results too . But in the end it’s your ears and your money . Happy listening , Mike B.