Professional Analog Equalizers-Any Good?

In response to an earlier thread on acoustic treatments, the subject of digital equalizers came up as a good way to flatten in-room response. I've looked into the subject a bit, and the key thing that bothers me is the need to use an A/D converter on my analog front end in order to benefit fully from the Sigtech, and the z-systems. So....what about analog equalizers? I am talking about the professional, 1/3 octave, 30 band/channel, balanced units (e.g, several models by Rane) used in professional audio today, not the 70's/80's vintage EQ's found in many low/mid fi systems. Has anyone tried these? They are incredibly inexpensive (less than a pair of Tube Traps!), but the manufacturer's description of the features/performance is pretty impressive.
I use two different units with good results. The Alesis 250 which is not balnced but a great low noise unit compact in size and brings great results. Sells for about 229. The great unit though is the Behringer Ultra Curve Pro. It is so versatile and really does a fantastic job. Of course you know that you cannot tell any other audiophile that you use these or you will lose some kind of status, although everone would love to have the control of a system that each brings. So use and don't tell.
Analog equalizers will not do correct anything in the time domain which is most of the magic in the Sigtech. There have been several lengthy posts on this subject on this site. If you want significant correction that improves the overall sound in both the frequency and time domain you eithe need to go the major tube trabe route or the Sigtech route. Two hours of an audio engineer's time measuring your actual in room response will show how far any untreated room has to go.