Question about Shipping

Hey Guys,

Question about shipping a product.

I wanted to ask for advice from people who have sold equipment and how they went about shipping their product.

I am contemplating selling an integrated but before I get to that point, I am trying to get baseline numbers on shipping.

I went to Fedex today to talk to them, inquired about double boxing, provided value  and weight of product and gave them the furthest zip code from me (within the lower 48 states to get an idea of how much shipping would be).


They do not insure the product and stated I would need to insure with a 3rd party.

Anyways, here are my questions, hope people who have gone through this can chime in:

1) Who is your preferred shipper?

2) I am assuming you probably choose to ship ground unless the buyer wants it quicker?

3) Do you insure with the shipper or are you forced to go through a 3rd party?

4) I am assuming you include all the shipping costs in the price of your product or do you eat some of it so that you can sell your product?

5) Besides Audiogon, do you prefer some other site for selling?

6) Do you prefer to use Paypal or some other form of transaction?

7) I suppose a local sell would always be better to avoid the headache of shipping?

I appreciate any feedback.



When I talked to Fedex today, they stated that if a product goes missing or damaged, they try to find the same product for sale or something similar and what ever price they come across, that is what they reimburse.

@jay73 that could be the case for some items. I’ve provided dollar amount values for insurance purposes to people before who needed reimbursement for a repair/replacement of something old or rare. It can also help if you use the original packaging for shipping.

But not buying insurance is a recipe for disaster. Even if packaged perfectly against damage, things can get lost or stolen.

I always double box the original package and, if the component is fragile, I triple box.  This helps to ensure the package arrives safely and with no damage.  Spending money on packaging is money well spent to ensure the package arrives with no damage.  

I also track my package to ensure it is moving from my location to the buyer.  If I see something strange, I immediately call the shipping company for a status update. Hope this helps.



As a manufacturer, there are no safeguards for shipping companies.  Sometimes they are great, other times not so great.  Best is to prepare your packages for shipment to handle an earthquake.  Remember, boxes are really not made to be shipped more that once.  So pack them up for the worst!