Question about iPad and Squeezebox touch

I just got an iPad. I downloaded the Logitech squeezebox app for the iPad, and it works well for Internet radio. My question: Can the iPad access and control my library of CDs which are on my windows based PC ? "My Music" does not show up on the iPad screen. Thanks....Matt
I use the iPeng app. While I haven't compared it to the Logitech app, iPeng has no trouble recognizing My Music. The reviews I read indicate that a significant number of people prefer iPeng because it offers more features. Of course Logitech may improve their app and it *is* free.
Yes, just install the Logitech Squeezebox Server software on your PC, and use the iPad app to reference the Squeezebox server. You should then have full control over the music. I do just that, although my server is on a Linux box, but that shouldn't be much of a difference from your situation.

Anything that shows up on the web browser control should show up on the app.

Maybe search your music again in the settings on your PC?
Got it working. Thanks.....