Question about Denon 2910 read errors

I just got this unit from ebay. Sounds great and I love it. But it seems to be overly sensitive and has problems playing some of my DVDs and CDs. My budget DVD players had no problems reading any discs.

Is there anything I can do about it? Any repair services out there to fix this problem? Can this be easily fixed?
Generally, this is a laser assembly problem. The Denon 3910 machines also suffer from the same malady. The assembly needs to be replaced (if this is your machine's problem).
I have a Denon 2200 and it does the same thing. It's been sent back to Denon a couple of times to be fixed and they say it is functioning as desgined and there is nothing to fix. They did post a FW update a while back on their website to help with the issue but it still happens. I have a friend that also has a Denon DVD player and he has similar issues also.

I see it alot with DVDs or CDs that I have burned myself. Commercial discs are usually fine but I have run into a couple of new discs that give it read error issues.

Unfortunately, I just think its the nature of Denon players. Like you, I can take a disc that the Denon has issues with and put it in a $29 Mintek player in my son's room and it never has a issue reading it.

I gave up on my 2200 and now use my Playstation 3 in its place. It has never had an issue reading any of my discs.
I don't have problems with my 2910 unless the disc is scratched.
Some players are just jinxed. Doesn't matter what brand. The seller probably sold it for that very reason! Sort of like a 'lemon' car.

So far, every CD played. If I had a problem, I would turn it off and turn it back on and it would play. It seems to have a problem with burned DVDs but not all of them. I haven't tried original DVDs yet but I assume it will have better success in reading.

Soundwise, it's excellent and working.
My Denon 3910 sometimes has problems reading certain burned CDs made by one friend in particular. If I import the songs CD into iTunes and burn a new CD, then my machine reads the new disc without any problem.