MC cartridge upgrade for a Schiit Sol (Denon dl-103r) help!

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I’m being in the market over a month for a new cartridge (AT95EN) for my Schiit Sol. I know there’s a ton of options out there like Nagaoka, Ortofon, Sumiko, just to name a few, I knew that MC are more expensive than MM cartridges (I know there’s exceptions) but I found Denon 103R with great reviews and a "affordable" price ($300 more or less) and that’s when I started doing my research about MC cartridges, some people were talking about you "need to make sure your tonearm is compatible with the MC cartridge that you want" they talk about tonearm mass and bunch of other stuff. My question is, How do I know my tonearm is compatible with Denon dl-103r cartridge?! I checked schiit sol manual and does not have any technical information about tonearm weight/mass. I will be using schiit mani preamp.

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Your arm is definitely NOT for low compliance cartridges designed in the 60s for superheavy tonearms. Modern tonearms are for modern mid compliance cartridges.

The life span of Denon conical tip is too short, if you think it’s affordable cartridge then take in count the cost of the stylus retip after ~ 500 hrs. Also you need high gain phono stage or SUT for MC!

There are MUCH better vintage MM cartridges than vintage Denon 103 (made today just like it was made in the 60s).

Stay with MM , user replaceable stylus is amazing option. You just need a decent MM, ask in direct messages if you need help, but $300 is too low budget for a decent MM.
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Great information! Thank you!
Go for the Denon103R! This is still the budget-priced cartridge to beat! I have one on my Pioneer PLX1000! I use it with the Bellari SUT into the mm stage of the RGR 4 preamp. Don’t worry about stylus wear - get and use Stylast before playing a side. This is a lubricant that will greatly extend diamond life! Ken Micallef’s review of the Sol/103R is spot on!
Denon DL-103R is a low compliance cart not meant for a light weight arm.
Chakster, around here I can get a Denon DL-103 retipped for $150, VAS is only about an hour from me. He uses an elliptical tip so it's an upgrade as well. That brings the cost of a MC cart inline with a MM cart. I know you don't like the Denon carts but they do have a big following and for good reason, they are very musical and not fatiguing in any way.

I am not a lover of the Denon DL103 or any of its variants, but it is a simple matter to increase the effective mass of a low mass tonearm to suit a low compliance cartridge. If that’s what you want.
What It's considered a "light mass tonearm"? I read online that my tonearm effective mass is 13 grams, can I add one of those tonearm square weights (3 gram) to compensate? Between the headshell and the cartridge? 
If your tonearm truly is 13g, that's moderate and excellent fit for Denon 103R. And based on the math, it puts you in the sweet spot of roughly 10-11Hz resonant frequency.

It should be noted that most Japanese companies measure the compliance of their cartridges at 100Hz, so you almost double that figure to use in any RF equation.

There aren't too many other MC carts in that price range that would also work well with your set up. Ortofon MC Quintet Red is the only other one I can think of.

But really, this is all based on numbers as a guideline. I would also email Schiit directly and ask them what kind of MC cart they recommend. A company like that would get back to you.
I like the DL-110 and the 103r. I have both, I like both. Very musical carts for the money. I've re tipped the 110 twice and went to an elliptical on the 103 the first re tip.. I'm so use to their sound. Slight edge to the 103r it depends on the music too.. Salsa 103, rock and roll the 110. 

I'll tell ya what Soundsmith Carmen II Med comp is a real keeper too MI cart. Everything sounds good with it and the new ZP3.. I'm impressed.
First MI cart I've taken note of.. I'm no expert though..

12-15 grams for all three

How do you listen to Tony Williams or Stanly Clark and not use vinyl?
Bass heavy, but vinyl perfect, go figure.. 

Peas, Carrots...:-)

What's is the lifespan of the 103r before retipping? Keeping in consideration clean records and clean stylus? 

I emailed schiit audio, waiting on their response.

Thank you
Denon 103R is wonderful, its full bodied and nice sounding.
Actually Denon DL-103D is much better than 103 and 103R. 

The benefit of 103D is nude Elliptical stylus tip and higher compliance suitable for wider range of modern tonearms.
Well... Sadly I didn't realize that my phono preamp(Schiit Mani) it's not a good match for a Denon dl103r. I need to get a different phono preamp because I don't want to use a LOMC transformer...