Quality Red book CD

I was listening to a Simon and Garfunkel CD , ( circa 1972 ) its one of the best sounding discs I own, including SACD . After 38 years you would think all CDs would sound like this . The fact is you would have trouble finding one CD , SACD that is its sonic equal . Somewhere in the recording , mastering and replicating chain there has been a big step backwards , you would wonder how thats possible when you see a picture of a modern mastering studio . The industry tries to sell us on newer and the promise of better formats , if they put there resources to making better sounding and cheaper red book CDs they might give competition to the downloaders that they say are wrecking the music industry .
Which CD? Where was it made? What are the numbers - serial number and matrix number?

The original CBS/Sony S&G made in Japan are extremely good, and a bit hard to find.

I like old CDs, preferring them to almost any remastering by the majors.

Sorry,but CDs were not commercially available until 1982.
I do like some of the older, 'non-remastered' CDs myself...what I DON'T like are the exorbitant prices I see for some of the more hyped-up OOP discs still floating around, especially when there's at least a 50% chance you'll be disappointed.

I agree though, that in many cases an over-processed *Remaster* was not needed when the standard issue was fine in the first place. Let's hear it for the Loudness Wars.
Metralla . I dont think this is one of the golden oldies your seeking , I purchased it recently , I was referring to the original recording date 1972 by Sony Music 31350 . Its likely been reprocessed . Happy listening .

My favorite Redbook CD is Legends with James Gallway and Phil Coulter. Ever song is great listening and I don't think the recording could be any better. It may simply be the best CD or SACD that I own.