Quad 12L. What amp would be a fair match?

I have around 1500 to spend on amplification?
Any suggestions?
Looking for clean and smooth sound.....

Considering an Arcam Diva A80 or something of that type of sound?


I am on my second pair of 12L's. And have been very pleased with both a Unison Unico and a Rogue Tempest. The first pair, about 2 years ago, were driven by both a Creek 4330 and a Rega Mira. While the Creek and Rega were nice, the Unison and Rogue are just at a different level.
$1500 used. Try the SimAudio I-5. I liked the sound of the Tempest but, it has a cooling fan but, I think if you get it upgraded to the Tempest II the fan is removed.
I had a pair of 12L, I used a I-5 as mentioned previously...very good synergy, nice tight bottom end