Quad 12L Classic

While I'm waiting for a pair of Quad 12L Classic speakers to arrive, does anyone happen to know what size spade best fits the binding posts on these, 1/4" i.d. or 5/16" i.d.? For some reason, my e-mails will not go through directly to Quad, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Thanks.
Congratulations on your new speakers! Standard size spades 1/4" or 5/16" will fit your Quads.
Look at these spades.

Thanks. I decided to go with 5/16" spades on the SCs and banana to 5/16 spade on the jumpers. Hope to have the speakers here in about a week. Still need stands, but I can make do until I get some. Thinking Skylans, but haven't decided yet.
Make sure that the cables from amp go into the Low Frequency terminals. Then the jumpers from Low Frequency terminals into the High Frequency terminals. Let us know how it goes.