2nd hand classical Lps in London

Business is taking me to London for a week shortly, and I'll probably have an afternoon to search for good used classical vinyl. Yeah, I know, the prices are bad to begin with, and the exchange rate stinks, but I'm an addict, so I've got to look. Anybody have any recommendations?

Many thanks
Hi,try a site called "The Vinyl Tourist".Under journeys you will see a link to alot of info about England lp dealers.You should find some info there.Take care,KP
Try this place:


It's very central and only deals with Classical. The Main Place for everybody here who needs 2nd hand, and new, classical.
Cheers. SP (London)
Many thanks, Gents. I suspect, with the current exchange rates, that your suggestions will help me blow my budget rather quickly.

Back from London and 2 visits to Harold Moore's. Very nice people, many more records than I could even look at, and got every bit of my budget, and then some.

Many thanks
Hi all,

I moved to London recently and thought I'd pull this thread back up to ask if anyone has ideas for good vinyl around town. So far, I've found the scene here to be downright annoying. Prices are not only high, but the purveyors seem to be misinformed about what it is they sell and how much it's worth on an open market - and then complain that business is bad. They appear to price basically everything as if it's a "collectors item," with albums that I would expect to pay $1-3 for in the states selling for up around 10-20 GBP here - or more.

I'm hoping that my short time in London (I still see myself as basically a glorified tourist) hasn't shown me all there is to see, so I would love to hear from anyone who has found a store with a decent selection and prices that approach even the high side of reasonable. I tend to focus on jazz and classical, which led me to Harold Moore's, but the place is just obscenely expensive - almost any record in decent condition seems to be priced at 30 GBP. Thanks in advance for any advice.
You basically need to avoid touristy type places that have shops flogging to tourists with tourist prices. Head for the Thrift/charity shops such as Oxfam & Age UK, check on line for the location of these shops.
My local Oxfam store for instance has about 20/30 classical box sets, some are opera's, but not all, and approx 50+ albums, I don't really take much notice of the vinyl section as I only buy cd's. The box sets usually sell from £2.99+ if my memory serves me.
Thanks for the advice. I was hoping to find an actual music store with a decent and organized collection rather than resorting to the charity shops with a few random and moldy LPs sitting in the corner (though I am happy to give them my business for many things!). There doesn't appear to be a London version of Amoeba Records or any similar shop that you see in the biggest US cities. Pretty sad for a city of this size and such a musical richness in all other ways.
Try the Classical Music Exchange in Notting Hill.
Get yourself to the Camden high street- tons of cheap record stores there in the market. More Jazz and pop but enough classical music as well.