Pure Note Cerulean Speaker Cable

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Just a quick review here and not the carefull blocked out treatise due to summer sale on these ends tomorrow 9-30-04. I have 2.5 meter "bi-wire", ordered online with no problems from PureNote.com, pretty blue covering but very stiff overall. Was going to write about ultimate resolution, smooth even coherent deep bass etc, etc. but the real revelation for me was the sound staging and natural presentation of both music and voice. When installed on even just the center channel of 5.1 surround system the correct voice timbre out of Paradigm ref. cc was nothing like any of many DIY cables Ive tried, and the way the center channel sound staged filling the room was truly amazing,,this actually showed the true "natural, neutral, non-glare, even-handed, no-frequency phase shift that was a short cut for listening tests....these have about 325 hours play on them and are still changing a bit from day to day, needs a least 200 hrs break in...other wires in system have been 20 different +/- DIY and bulk Monster etc, MIT T2, Blue Heaven standard and double runs, Apature silver plate, Cerulean rates way above the others that Ive tried and I have no reference to the "better" cables for a real-world valid comparison...My system:
Zingali 5" Studio Monitor (very accurate, limited bass).
Audion Silver Night (stock 300b tubes, SET, 8 watts/ch.
Sony DVP 9000ES SACD (stock)
Nakamichi AV10 5.1 Receiver(oldy but goody)
MIT/Apature/AudioNoteAN VX/DIY IC
Paradigm ref cc and DIY rear speakers
Technics SL10 turn, Audion Silver Pre, Grado blue cart.
PS: Only need volume turned to 9:00 oclock position for normal listening instead of 10-12 olclock previous, also the center channel with "normal" copper wire requires +7db to catch up with the Cerulean on main speakers in surround mode.......hope this info helps somebody....cheapmike
As many have experienced, these are excellent cables. I sold my "holy grail" cables for the Ceruleans and have not looked back.