Pure Music Functionality Question

About a year ago I downloaded the trail version of Pure Music and it just didn't work well for me. It stopped playing, wouldn't go to the next track, wouldn't play an entire playlist, etc. Have all the bugs been worked out?

Regarding the volume control in Pure Music, does it allow separate L/R control and what are the volume change increments? Can the software adequately replace an analog balance control?

Thank you.
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It has made a lot of improvements but track skipping still happens from time to time. I also don't like the way it handles gapless tracks. I don't use it much anymore.
It's a pain in the butt fir me too for what I would call a marginal improvement in sound.
Anyone using it to playback DSD files? Just looking for comments.
I have been using Pure Music for about 18 months. I have not experienced issues with track skipping or problems with gapless albums. I think it works well. Some care needs to be taken in set up but once the initial set up is complete there really isn’t much reason to touch it.

Have you tried PM out since you posted? FWIW, I played with the current version (1.86?) a little bit on my old iBook with a G4 and only a little over 1 GB RAM. It worked well in terms of playing through all selected tracks. I irresponsibly (given the limits of my computer) tried out Memory Play and Hybrid Memory Play and was somewhat surprised to find that playback still worked well. Gapless play often didn't work like it was supposed to, and I got occasional hesitations in the output, but again, my hardware was not up to spec, plus I wasn't disciplined enough to stop surfing the web while I was using PM.

I would think if you have current generation equipment or just lots of RAM or a Mac that's dedicated to serving music that the current version of PM would execute its playback duties quite well. It certainly worked better for me than, I think, 1.6.

Haven't played around with the volume control yet, but I don't think it enables separate L/R control.

If you downloaded PM, let us know how it's working.
The only issues I have with PM are:

1. can't skip around within a track (scrubbing), and iTunes controller doesn't display where you are within the track while listening

2. often need to reset the HDMI handshake if it's been idle for a while

3. can't play 5.1 audio tracks - have only been able to get this to work using VLC player (e.g., Dark Side of the Moon)
Haven't tried it again yet. Will do so within the next month or two.

Thanks for all the comments. They are very helpful.
Downloaded the demo this morning. Seems to be working well with no problems. I'll let the software break in for 72 hours before doing any serious listening.