Pure®Harmony RCA Plug

Just finished installing these on my Stagger Silver Solids interconnects and they are simply amazing.

The Staggers were already very good, but adding these rca's has elevated them to a whole new level

Details are abundent across the board and the dynamics are extremely crisp without being brittle or edgy.

Violins are very smooth with much more body.

They take the "bright" out of silver IC's without sacrificing details.

They also extend the bass response and improves on control.

Dynamics- about as good as you will get - amazingly fast

If you have the Canare RCA's on your staggers you will be amazed by the improvements the Pure Harmony will make.

Just Google KLE Innovations and checkout the reviews on their products

Amazingly good stuff

Hi Williewonka, I have done the following with the KLEI Pure Harmony RCA plugs :) ... 2 twisted pair Cat5 (blue and brown pairs) for the ground (-) and single for the Signal (+) ... TME, sounds good :)

I have a picture but I don't know how to attach/upload it... do you :)
What interconnects do you think the Stagger Silver Solids interconnects with Pure Harmony Plugs are better than :=)
Yping - I am into making my own IC's, but the Stagers + PH are significantly better than my Van den Hul D102 mkIII + Furutech RCA's that I have.

By "significantly" I mean the difference between night and day - the VDH performed to a much lower level than the Stagers with the PH

To get a picture displayed the only way I know how to on Agon is to setup a system - click on my "System" link for an example.

Hi Williewonka, what IC's do you make and how do they compare to Stagers + PH?

What other RCAs have you used and how do they compare to the Pure Harmony RCAs?
Those worth mentioning - I've made them from Van den Hul D102 mkIII and DH Labs BL-1 bulk cable.

none of those compare to the Stagers as purchased

The original Stagers with Canare RCA are good, but I thought they could be better - so I first added Eichman Silver Bullets which brought much improved details and image

Then I tried the Copper Harmony on them and again there was a significant improvement. Next I upgraded to the Silver harmont - again a significant improvement.

Stagers with the Pure Harmony are the best and quite close to the Essence gZero6 Interconnects

Out of curiosity - I stripped sleave+screen off of the BL-1 to remove the two internal conductors and then braided them and attached Copper Harmony RCA's. This transformed the BL-1 into a very good IC, but not as good as the stagers.

What do I mean by significant improvement? it's when I can hear a difference in either dynamics, details, image, or bass extension as soon as I play the first track.

If I have to go through several albums before I notice an improvement I do not rate that as significant

With all of the changes above there were significant improvements between each one.

Going from Stagers with Canare RCA's to Stagers with Pure Harmony would be close to a good component upgrade - they are that good.

If you are into DIY I would suggest you try sourcing some 24 or 28 gauge solid silver wire and Teflon tube - it would be cheaper than buying a silver IC and retrofitting other RCA's. Then in place of a twisted architecture - braid the conductors - it works better than twising.

Please note: I attribute many of the improvements observed not only to the IC's and speakers cables, but also to the power cables I am using which allow the components to work to their very best abilities

That's about it :-)
Hi Williewonka, do you think the following might be worth while... 2 twisted pair Cat5 (blue and brown pairs) for the ground (-) and single for the Signal (+) ...
Yping - cat5 will work nicely, but braid them - do not twist them.

Braiding is easy and ensures the conductors are never parallel to each
other - parallel conductors causes all sorts of issues.

Using solid silver conductors will be the most dynamic.

If you try it let me know how it works out

Hi Williewonka, ok thanks. I am having a think about a few options and your cable reviews have also given me a few more options :)
I've just installed a pair of Pure Harmony on the continuous harness in my
tone arm.

The immediate improvements were very noticeable and included
- significant extension to the high end
- much more dynamic
- sweeter/fuller sounding mid-freq's
- HUGE Improvementes to micro details
- faster control of bass.
- much deeper image
- more space around individual Instruments
- outstanding clarity - superb!

Although these are the improvements normally associated with the Pure
Harmony, it was the amount of improvement the surprised me, considering
the miniscule voltages involved.

The old Nakamichi RCA's were definilty restricting the performance of my

Now my TT has been "liberated" :-)