KLE Innovations Silver HarmonyRCA's - not silver eh?

OK - so if you have not yet seen it, there are some postings on the web that calls into question the "integrity" of KLE Innovations. Simply because it was believed that the contacts in the Silver Harmony RCA plug should have been made from solid silver.

When those posters learned that this was not the case - they got upset.

One web site has even gone so far as to post photo’s of Harmony RCA’s with the silver coating ground off to display what they believe to be just plain copper.

Theatrics? - YOU BET!

Since I have been a proponent of KLE Innovations products for many years and have posted many reviews and positive comments. I felt it was important to bring this to everyone’s attention to avoid possible misconceptions and future postings that might propagate this kind of nonsense.

Please checkout the KLE Innovations site and read the Brochure and Technical Paper at

I think you will find that nowhere does it state that the Silver Harmony is fabricated from "solid silver".

"Silver Harmony" is just the name given to that model of RCA, which achieves a higher level of performance than the Copper Harmony, but not as high as the Pure Harmony or Absolute Harmony models.

To quote from KLE Innovations documents:
Proprietary mathematical modeling is utilized to produce the Silver Harmony’s ground to signal pin relationship, parameters, and determines the proprietary metallurgical processes that are used.

Note the key word here "Proprietary" - this means KLE Innovations are not about to give away what metals or alloys are used, so stop pontificating and just enjoy their abilities.

What you get is a family of RCA’s that are advanced way beyond the accepted norms of current RCA designs, that are capable of extremely high levels of resolution.

If you want more proof of their abilities simply google "Silver Harmony" and take a look at the number of cable fabricators that use them.

What did grinding off the silver coating achieve? One totally useless set of RCA’s - that’s all.

Regards - Steve

+1  Steve, for posting this.
Now that's some professional trolling going on with those naysayers.
Because of their nylon barrels, the KLEI may look "cheap" in comparison to the gold-plated brass ones used by most other RCA plug makers. But their sound sure isn't! The other good RCA's are the WBT Next Gen, which are similar in design. With them, however, you're paying a lot for aesthetic beauty. Why are those crappy Cardas RCA's the industry standard?!
I've founf KLE Innovations to be a good upfront company and have no complaints.
I have no problems or complaints with them.  their Harmony rcas and bananas are amazing and are very easy to use. I also love their ics and scs. they definitely get my vote of excellence.