Pure analog system with high power

Dear Hifi lovers, I introduce myself, I'm new to this forum. 
I need your marvellous experience in order to choose my next gear. I currently have a Rega Brio amp driving a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2 and I'm looking for a big step up, starting for now from the amp.
I am a vinyl lover, I basically play just lps. I also added a Rega Aria phono stage.
Now what I'm looking for is a kind of purist's solution, don't need to pay for dacs, or particolar digital inputs or functions. I want an integrated, or separated amp+pre is also well appreciated, capable of at least 150W in 8 ohm / 250W in 4 ohm as sooner or later I'll buy for sure some Magnepans, maybe the .7, or anyway some Harbeth's. My aim is to get the best money value for my purpouses, that's why I was mentioning a pure analogue solution. Anyway I accept also recommendations based on gears with dacs or digital inputs as that's the market now. Prefer new stuff but also used is fine. Budget is around 3.500/4.000 dollars. Thanks in advance to all people willing to share some knowledge and sorry if something wasn't clear, you can ask me any kind of questions!
About Bryston - their trade-in program only applies to Bryston gear. So if you're upgrading from a 4B to another Bryston piece they will take your 4B in trade.

Different generations of Bryston sound rather different. The SST series is a bit mellow and very pleasing, the SST squared is little bright (so I'm told), and the SST cubed is much more precise and a little mellow (so I'm told).

Anyway, I had a 2B which was used for a sub - and it was good. I also had a 3B SST and a 4B SST for my Magnepan 2-channel system. Then I went ESL with DIY electronics for 2-channel, and sold the Brystons.

But now I have a separate HT which requires good clean subs, and that  means a big, stable, bullet-proof, forever SS amp: that is, a Bryston 4B SST, bought factory reconditioned and certified from Bryston.
When you say pure analog system, do you mean you want a tube amp?  Also, the best value for the money in my definition would be essentially free, which is a very real possibility in high end audio. I view value a bit differently and always consider resale valuation and total Cost of ownership.  I usually aim to break even on an audio purchase.  Buy used, get reputable, reliable, easy to sell brands and your main costs will be on records and wear and tear items like tubes and needles.  Don’t waste money on expensive digital equipment (the biggest losers are always feature based products that can become obsolete, but that doesn’t sound like it will be an issue.  Spend money on speakers and amplification (but don’t go too big as shipping and placement becomes a detriment to resale). I’d also avoid niche designs like Maggie’s that work best with specific music genres and are very equipment and room dependent.  
Tips- look for popular brands and models that come up ad nauseam in the forums, find out the typical prices they sell for and be patient. If you have trouble finding it used because it sells too quick, that’s probably a winner right there.  Buying local really helps as well, you generally won’t make back shipping costs on resale.  
@perdakin thanks for your feedback... could be either tube or solid state without an6 kind of dac or digital input... very easy stuff regarding the specs as i just needto play lps or cds... do you have any favourite combination to recommend? regarding magnepans it' something i'd like to try sooner or later but after the amp i could also buy something totally different, especially if i get good ideas to try

The Odyssey is an excellent choice.  I owned Odyssey for many years and it mated well with many different preamps.  Although I have moved on to more expensive gear, I still kick myself for selling it.  Yup, it was that good. 
Well if you are starting with an amp you really must try tubes and your current speakers are pretty tube friendly. They have a certain realism in the way they make sound I haven’t been able to find as easily in SS gear.  I personally like push pull integrated amps.  With an integrated it’s easier to resell, no issues w pre/power synergy, and some push pull designs have enough juice for low efficiency speakers (though probably not Maggie’s).
I’m not sure what your local market looks like, but I love my Willsenton R8. Due to the backlog in manufacturing the resale prices are pretty close to new, and yes they will sell on the used market nearly immediately, which should tell you something.  I’d order one direct and if you don’t like it, you’ll find plenty of takers second hand. Otherwise try and find a Prima Luna or another highly popular tube amp manufacturer.  
I pair it with Dynaudio Contours which is actually an excellent match for a well built tube amp, especially with kt88 tubes. I’ve had monster SS amps in my system and the Willsenton gives up little in the bass department while offering wonderfully natural mids and highs. The Willsenton is almost 70lbs though, the transformers are massive which probably has something to do with it being speaker friendly. I use mine in triode mode.  It’s a holographic, natural, meaty sound with all the sizzle and snap you could ask for.