Pure analog system with high power

Dear Hifi lovers, I introduce myself, I'm new to this forum. 
I need your marvellous experience in order to choose my next gear. I currently have a Rega Brio amp driving a pair of Wharfedale Evo 4.2 and I'm looking for a big step up, starting for now from the amp.
I am a vinyl lover, I basically play just lps. I also added a Rega Aria phono stage.
Now what I'm looking for is a kind of purist's solution, don't need to pay for dacs, or particolar digital inputs or functions. I want an integrated, or separated amp+pre is also well appreciated, capable of at least 150W in 8 ohm / 250W in 4 ohm as sooner or later I'll buy for sure some Magnepans, maybe the .7, or anyway some Harbeth's. My aim is to get the best money value for my purpouses, that's why I was mentioning a pure analogue solution. Anyway I accept also recommendations based on gears with dacs or digital inputs as that's the market now. Prefer new stuff but also used is fine. Budget is around 3.500/4.000 dollars. Thanks in advance to all people willing to share some knowledge and sorry if something wasn't clear, you can ask me any kind of questions!

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@rfnoise thanks, looks like a great recommendation... which preamp are you using with it?
Hi Millercarbon, thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm intrigued buy Magnepans, at least I'd like to test them. Of course I accept suggestions also regarding speakers. Any good idea?
thanks for your reply... Yes my current budget is just for the amplification... Of course if there is any good stuff also for a bit less than 3.500 dollars is still fine:)
Thanks for your feedback... very hard to get a Pass Labs in EU... and prices much higher than in US... I am afraid I'll need a different solution... I heard good feedbacks regarding Schiit and Odyssey's gears, still from US but selling directly from the producer... do you think it could be an idea?
I'll check the Avantone, it's distributed in Poland and I could demo it. Do you think this one with a good preamp would be better than integrated which have plenty of great reviews like music fidelity m6si or parasound hint6? Replying to your question, here there are many local products, but mainly tube stuff, you probably heard about polish Fezz Titania or Feliks...On solid state Struss. Some gears from other companies like Parasound, Musical Fidelity are easy to find and with right prices. Unfortunately it's not the case of Pass Labs or Mcintosh or Rogue, they almost double the prices... Thanks Arcticdeath
Rogue Cronus Magnum is definitely on my list, unfortunately in EU costs for Rogue's gear are so expensive... If I were i  the US I would have definitely gone for it... Do you know anything about Odyssey? Still made in the US but no dealers or retailers in between... seems very interesting pieces, both the Khartago and the Stratos
Thanks ebm, in EU Pass Labs gears are crazy expensive... and it' a shame as I would have increased the budget to 5.000 dollars for an XA25 at least... low Wattage but extremely high current and quality...
Hi Jjss, thanks, the hint6 as well with the halo integrated is on the list... just wanted to see if I can find something better also considering separated pieces, especially with no dacs and extra functions which I won't need. But in the end an integrated is a solution I consider
Hi Alexleatham, which speakers are you using? 
hi terry, regarding bryston, you mean they trade in whatever? i have stuff i don't use anymore like a nad3020 and a pair of tannoy mercury m2. which bryston gear have you in use?
hi audioguy85... regarding speakers it's a tough competition between the small harbeths and the mag .7... At least i can demo the harbeth's here... for the maggies will be not so easy... the sugden a21 is your current amp? looks great!
Hi Johnto, yes if i don't get separates, regarding integrated the Halo is the first one i'm going to audition... some says it's not engaging enough, but i want to hear it
Hi Mrklas... I was thinking of Rega Elicit... but 160 watt on 4 ohm is a bit low... Rega Aethos is out of budget
thanks rfnoise, the legacy with your ARC pre seems a wonderful solution, i'll consider it for sure... do you believe a schiit freya preamp could also be a good match with legacy? or the candela vacuum tube from odyssey? it seems both are good preamp.
thanks gestalt i totally missed this one... plus they are in Krakow, where i live... definitely to put on my list!
@guyincognito the H190 is definitely something i'd like to test... what i don't like from Hegel is that it's all made in China
@headphonedreams thanks for recommendation on schiit gear, it' s one at the top of my list... thinking of freya vidar combo, but first would like to find feedbacks regarding Odyssey gears... they are made in US and they sell directly... any idea on that one ?
@perdakin thanks for your feedback... could be either tube or solid state without an6 kind of dac or digital input... very easy stuff regarding the specs as i just needto play lps or cds... do you have any favourite combination to recommend? regarding magnepans it' something i'd like to try sooner or later but after the amp i could also buy something totally different, especially if i get good ideas to try
@perkadin thanks, i've seen some reviews about the Willsenton R8 and everybody seems to be in love with it... I was checking the seller's page... did you choose the 240 voltage? Sorry for the silly question but i have zero experience with tubes
@jjss49 Willsenton is a chinese product, Hegel is a norwegian company which moved to China part of the production and that's what i find a bit of a different concept, including the use of china made components which can actually have good quality... Anyway the Hegel was on my list and i'll test it because i'm very curious after hearing all the favorauble reviews... of course if i fall in love with the sound I ll go against my principles, even i still dislike their policies
@smrex13 thanksfor the advice, maybe a good external phono would help? how did you solve this issue? still playing vinyls?
@smrex13 thank you again for your reply, you're really giving me great inputs! indeed regarding the integrated i m between the hint6 and the m6si... following your previous comment i also went to check the input sensibility but i confirm you that for m6si there' s no info... i'm also thinking of odyssey's amps but first need to find out about eventual shipping to eu. I have a last question for you, coming back to Parasound's gears... as an alternative to the Hint6 I'm seriously considering an Halo A21 power amp, maybe with a Schiit Freya as a preamp... Did you have any experience with the A21? Could it be a good match playing music with a turntable? Thanks again for your precious help:)
@smrex13 thanks again that' s a very nice info... could you mention some integrated or power amp which played your vinyls in a very satisfying way? that's exactly the recommendation i need as basically i play just vinyls as you
@dhite71 thanks for your sharing o  Audio Research, i will check for sure the used market, it won't be easy as in Eu is more difficult to find these gears than in US. The Ref 3 is something i have at the top of the list, I'd buy it in case of a good offer
@smrex13 thank you again for the input... a new turntable is going to be the first shot... as i have an old Revolver which needs to be replaced. I almost decided to go for a Rega Planar 6 with Exact Cartridge. Plus phono Rega Aria. Regarding the preamp you are absolutely right and i almost convinced myself to go with separates... So far i read great opinions on Schiit Freya, a new one costs in Eu 1000 dollars... Do you have any suggestion in the range of 2000$?
@smrex13 thanks again for the great inputs, both primaluna100 and rogue rp 1 are on my list now
@jjss49 thanks! cj could be a great solution, do you have to re
any nice model to recommend i can look for into used market? AR i'm afraid is out of budget, would like to invest 2500/3000$ for the preamp